Written Treatment Requests are FREE 

(though donations are welcomed)

Send a message to our Practitioner email if you would like to submit a general request for a written treatment. Or, you can select the practitioner of your choice by emailing any one of us directly, via the addresses listed below. (Please note a little about your situation, along with what you are seeking to manifest and what you are ready to release).

To help you get to know us a little better, we have each provided our WHY statement, as inspired by Simon Sinek's work, "Start with Why".

It is our honour to be in service 

Collette: wellness@cslcampbellriver.org
To campaign for bigger possibilities of Life so that people, animals, and the earth can experience and know freedom

To bless, nurture, guide, and lead by example, so that those who are ready bring all their magnificence and love to this world 

To  inspire, through deep connection and play, so that everyone may experience magic

To nurture relationships through acceptance and unconditional love so that everyone is inspired to live an authentic and joyful life 


For more detailed support along your personal journey:

HIRE a practitioner: Starting at $80/session
(Sliding scale is available on request)