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Faith, A Practice

“When we use our creative imagination in strong faith, it will create for us whatever we have formed in thought.”

~ Ernest Holmes (The Science of Mind)

Faith isn’t just something to read and talk about. It’s a practice. Having faith means leaning into a new idea and trusting beyond doubt. Beyond doubt!

Most of us have more faith in our doubt than we do in possibility. We play small and safe. We cycle on repeat, afraid to break away from the well-trodden path. I know. I have “been there, done that”, and, in many ways, I still do. But, I am determined to live the spiritual practices I know about, and that means leaning into another way… something fresh and new… something different. Rise up, my soul!

It makes perfect sense that we have resistance to change. In the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, I learned that ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’. Our old patterns feel easy and comfortable. They may not serve our highest ideals, but the comfort of doing life the same way, over and over, has its rewards… and, at a cellular level, it keeps our bodies in chemical familiarity.

Let me explain. Nutritionally, it has been discovered that there are more microbial cells in the human body than human cells. These microbial cells have been accused of driving our food addictions. When we eat a certain food group, we feed a specific group of microbes (let’s call them “Group A”). When we change our eating patterns, we experience the sensation of a craving for the old, discarded food group because we have stopped feeding Group A. These microbes are hungry. In order to overcome this craving, we have to continue with the new diet for several days, while Group A dies in starvation, and a new group, “Group B”, grow and expand. Group B flourishes on the new diet. The scientific understanding of how this all works is that it isn’t ‘us’ having a craving. Rather, it is Group A, somehow wired to our nervous system, demanding that we feed them. I know it may all sound crazy…. but there it is.

Let’s now consider our emotional cravings. Certain lifestyle patterns fulfill an emotional experience and, thus, create a physical response in the body. Years ago, I noticed that my body produced the same physical reaction with the anticipation of great joy, as it did from an experience of intense drama. What my body wanted was the physical experience, but I could retrain myself to seek it through more life-affirming experiences, and, therefore, be done with the drama. Every time I decide to stop an old pattern of behaviour, however, my body has the sensation of withdrawal, and so it is ready to do whatever it takes to regain the comfort of the status quo. I have realized that I might create drama just to feed my emotional cravings.

Many of us who face this kind of struggle never move forward with our decisions to change our behaviours, because the perceived discomfort of change seems greater than the actual discomfort of our present day circumstances. The new behaviour seems way too scary. Our bodies, on a physical level, are freaking out! What we don’t realize is, that if we will just hang on through the discomfort… through the fear… through the desire to run and hide… if we stick to our course until we pop out on the other side, we will discover an experience of life that we had no idea was even possible. This is why we practice faith.

I practice faith every day so that when I feel myself shaking in my boots, I have a tool to lean into. I believe that ‘there is greater Good for me and I ought to have it’. But I also know that I can’t have it if I am not willing to let go of this ‘less-than-good’ life first. The letting go is scary, yes. But, I know that when I trust, and I step into the unknown… wow, the rewards are returned to me, tenfold!

So, this is what I do in the classes I teach. I get us all to ‘dig deeper’, in order to discover the ‘more’ that is waiting for us. I create safe opportunities for our fears to reveal themselves, and then, together, with the support of the group, we move through to the other side. This is powerful work, and is what is needed for each and every one of us, so that we become ready to claim the Good that is awaiting us. We can’t fully welcome the Good until we are willing to let go of the not-so-good.

Sighhh… I know… it may not sound like a party. My experience is that it keeps getting easier, and that life keeps getting better in every way, though… relationships, career, finances, health… you name it. Tell me, what is the Good you want to claim? Are you ready? I am waiting to show you the way.

“Always the one who has faith in their own ability accomplishes far more than the one who has no confidence in themselves. Those who have great faith, have great power.”

Holmes, Ernest. The Science of Mind

~ Tell me, what is the Good you want to claim?

~ Are you ready to claim it?

~ If not, what do you think might be standing in your way? Is it really with it?

~ If you are ready to let go of limiting ideas for yourself, I invite you to join us at one of our classes. I am ready to show you the way. Follow this link for more info

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