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“Having a strong picture or mental concept, and holding to that equivalent regardless of circumstances or conditions, we must sooner or later manifest according to the concept."

~ Ernest Holmes

Imagine billions of neurons, all interacting and transmitting in our heads, and yet it is said that we use less than 1% of them.

Try this: Close your eyes and visualize a horse… Now open your eyes. Did you see the horse itself, or did you see the word, H-O-R-S-E? Have you ever heard anyone say, “I remember your name, but your face escapes me?” Of course not.

We are immersed in an Infinite Intelligence. We are not separate entities within it, we ARE It. I manifests AS us (and it is not just outpicturing as us, but as everything). The Universe is the collective expression of all things. It is beyond our ability to perceive because it is infinite and everything in our experience has a beginning and an end… or so it seems. This Power Beyond Explanation is us, thinking. And when It thinks by means of our brains, it thinks in pictures! Some statistics show that brain power increases by 800% with the use of pictures. WOW!

Master Metaphysician, Ernest Holmes, said we are to, “Take time every day to see life as we wish it to be, and to make a mental picture of this ideal. Pass this picture over to the Law of Life and go about our business with a calm assurance that, on the inner side of life, something is taking place.

If we can’t come up with an image for it, chances are we won’t manifest our desire. Regardless of the help we seek, all the books we read, or the tools we employ, the number one, most important step in improving one’s life is the ability to visualize one’s desire, and to hold that picture in mind. We must train our minds to be our servants, not our directors.

Now, try this: Clasp your hands together, with your fingers intertwined. Notice which thumb you automatically place on top. Try changing your position, so that the other thumb is now on top. How does that feel? Wrong, awkward, bad or at least different, perhaps?

We have a tendency to get stuck ‘doing life’ the same way, over and over. As a measuring stick, notice how comfortable you are in your life. If each day is a repetition of the day before (consider relationships, work, creative expression, finances…) you may be stuck in a holding pattern. It is said we have 40,000 thoughts per day, but that, by the age of 30, most people think the same thoughts, day after day. To get more out of our brains we have to invite a new attitude, with new pictures and new thought processes.

A young college man came late to one of his classes and saw two problems scribbled on the blackboard. Thinking they were homework, he copied them down. For two days he struggled, trying to solve the challenging questions. Eventually, he succeeded and, the following day, he handed in the assignment.

Six weeks later, he heard a loud knocking. To his surprise, it was the professor from his class at his door, wanting to talk about the assignment he had handed in. The professor explained that, for decades, masters of the mind had not been able to solve those problems. The young college man replied that, had he known that, he never would have even tried.

What did you see when you read the title of this article? What it says is, “I am now here.” Surprised? Your default thought mechanisms will have caused you to read the letters of the title one way or another.

The results of your life: all the joy, the love, the abundance, the success, the creative satisfaction… they are about more than your talents or abilities. They are about the patterns that you hold within your mind.

We each have billions of neurons in our brains, and they have this Infinite Power thinking as them, and through them as they are becoming ‘our’ thoughts. We are each a living idea in this Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, and we are each brilliant in all our unique, wonderful and wacky ways. The time is NOW to step outside of our comfort zones, and to use this POWER within us to create the lives we have been dreaming of. The secret isn’t in the knowledge we accumulate; rather, it is in incorporating that knowledge into our behaviour. And it is only when we have allowed ourselves to become un-’comfortable’, that we are actually growing, changing, and becoming a greater version of Infinite Possibility.

PS: Hey, I bet you know: it takes 3 years after you plant asparagus seeds before you can harvest your first sprig. This fact alone stops many from growing this delightful spring vegetable. Interesting. Those of us who, despite the wait, go ahead and plant anyway… 3 years later, we are reaping the rewards of taking that first step.

Go ahead and make that first step into your new life. Be like asparagus, and start growing today.

(NOTE: Asparagus fresh from the garden is WAY better than anything you can buy from the store!)

~ So what are you going to do today that is different? (If you wait more than 30 days to put anything newly learned into action, there is a 2% chance that you never will). ~ Take the end of this article as an opportunity to put a new, un-’comfortable’ idea into motion. ~Write down your commitment, and take that first step.

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