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(inspired by The15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership) I commit to sourcing approval, control, and security from inside of myself.

Often, life can feel threatening. Not in a physical way, but as a threat to our ego, our self identity. Like herd animals, we look to others to help us define what to do and what not to do. We want security in the crowd; to belong and feel safe. I remember when my son was 8… I was homeschooling, and a neighbour, seeing him around all day, was mad (so mad) at me. “How dare you homeschool your child? What do you think we have schools for? It’s people like YOU that …” I was shocked and, at the time, was unable to find reason for his outburst. Later, I realized I had messed with his sense of ‘safety in the crowd’. I was an anomaly; confusing the boundaries of his reality.

In the book, 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the writers share that our ego wants three things: Approval: - to be liked - to be loved - to be valued - to be respected Control: - of people (so that they will be ‘a way’, act ‘a way’, or do things ‘a certain way’ - of circumstances (like the weather, traffic… etc.) Security: - to feel safe in any given moment

The wanting of security is the most basic core desire. It is at the root of every need. Most of us believe that we are a separate self that has a beginning and an end (birth and death). This freaks us out. We want to live and not die. This fear is at the core of every human behaviour. So we ‘run from death’ by seeking financial prosperity, occupational success, material wealth and relationships. Often, we look out to the world outside ourselves to make us feel ok. We investigate people, things, media, news… and we watch. For instance, I get frustrated with my granddaughter who is constantly measuring herself against others: wanting to see what to wear, what activities are ‘cool’, what food to bring in her lunch box…. What she doesn’t know is, that the world ‘out there’ is fleeting. She will never be satisfied looking for approval, control and security outside of herself. I was told get a degree, get married and have kids... So I did. But my kids moved away and I have been married 4 times… “Fleeting”, I say!

Please note that there is nothing wrong with wanting approval, control and security. This is a natural state of humanity. Often, when we think or feel it is missing, though, we act out in obviously unhealthy or manipulative ways. We live from a place of ‘lacking’, of ‘not having’, and we attempt to fill our 'empty void' at any cost. Researcher, Brené Brown, has said, “We are the most in-debt, obese, addicted and medicated adult cohort in history”. Our tactics aren’t working.

New Thought teacher, Emma Curtis Hopkins, wrote, “There is Good for me and I ought to have it. Everything moves and waits for its Good. The Good draws everything. All that you are, all that you do and say, is determined by the Good you seek.”

Here’s the trick: if we don’t go into the future or the past, if we don’t go ‘out there’ to ‘them’, or to ‘it’, if we can stand still and be quiet long enough to know, we will see that in this moment, right here and now, there isn’t anything missing.

Activist Lynne Twist teaches about three societal lies, the first one being: “There isn’t enough”. Here is the Truth: We lack nothing in this moment.

The practice, is to know in this NOW moment, that there is enough. There is enough love, acceptance and approval. It is never something we need to ‘go get’. Everything that needs to be under control … IS. The Good I am seeking is HERE.

I grew up with a pool in my back yard. I was born a better swimmer than my parents. Diving, running and playing around and in the pool was so much fun in the summer. And then I went to a public pool… “No running on the deck” “No diving” “Small, unaccompanied children must stay in shallow end” WHAT A BORE! I thought public pools sucked, but if I wanted to play with my friends I needed to find a way.

At first, I argued with the lifeguards and wanted the pool to adjust to my needs. I wanted them to change so I could fit in and feel a part of the group in my way. It wasn’t long before I realized this wasn’t going to happen. In the end, I knew I was a great swimmer. I decided I could accept me, which helped me to accept ‘them’. From there, my ‘wants’ resolved and I just had fun with my friends.

Right now, right here, we have everything we need. We are secure, regardless the size of our bank accounts, the number of friends, or the social engagements we have lined up… When we come back to the present moment, we have the experience of approval, control and safety. Breathe in and out consciously, and wake up to the present in a non-reactive, non-triggered way.

This does not mean we can escape pain. When Life happens, our bodies and hearts can ‘break’. Pain in life is not optional, but sufferingis…. As long as we keep seeking and wanting something we believe we don’t have, we suffer.

The secrets I want to hear are the thoughts of Truth I choose to tell myself. I have the power to decide which thoughts to give air time to. I can choose to source approval, control and security from the inside, in this present moment, and remember that the Good I am seeking is found within myself.

What if everything in this moment in your life is actually whole, perfect and complete?


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~ Close your eyes. ~ Think of something you want. Blurt it out in your mind and/or write it down. ~ Ask: Could I welcome this wanting? Could I simply allow this wanting to be here just as it is? ~ Ask: Is the desire coming from security, approval or control? (listen to the answer in your heart) ~ Ask: Could I welcome the wanting, just let it be here? ~ Ask: Could I let this wanting go, just for now, just in this moment as best I can? ~ Ask: Could I rest for this moment as that someone which is beyond all wanting? Just for this moment? ~ Journal about your experience.


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