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Stepping Into The Unknown

Whether you show up as you in this brief transit we call life or are defined by history, or context, or shrill partisan urgencies substantially depends on you.”

~ James Hollis, PhD

We stood at the edge of something new, poised to make our next right move on the path to introducing this life-changing work to the modern world. 

My manager and I were brainstorming ideas for a project when I experienced a shift from the expansive feeling of creation and possibility to the confinement of logic and reason. What a trip! We know that the path forward comes from inspiration, and we could also both observe ourselves as we danced in the ebbs and flows of consciousness. Ultimately, our heightened awareness gave us the ability to support each other in deciphering what is ours to do (our best next step forward), versus giving in to our fears.

There is a difference between the ‘shaking in my boots’ feeling of stepping into something new, and the sense of constriction that is brought on by doubt and worry. We were on the cusp of something powerfully transformative in our approach to bringing spirituality into the modern world, and we were determined to stay in the spirit of the work. We had to be exceptionally mindful of the narratives from our minds, though (conditioned by past experiences, beliefs and false stories), in contrast to the creativity of the heart that would reveal the path to the new and inspired work that is ours to do.

This is the dance to which I am inviting you in our new, “Relationships: The Workshop of Life” group. Together, we are scripting our narrative and setting the stage for 2024.

Understanding ourselves in a way that we never have before is both exciting and energizing. I am delighted for the coming year, where I will begin by making a significant investment in my self-development and personal growth (they are not the same).

In 2023, I hired a life coach, dedicating the entire year to re-envisioning myself. This meant recognizing who stands with me in my foxhole, cultivating confidence, and cherishing my solitude so much that I love it. This may seem elementary, but within this simplicity lies deep healing and wisdom. 

In January, we are joining a powerful coaching circle through the Conscious Leadership Group, meeting bi-weekly for seven sessions. Eager to share, we have also scheduled time bi-weekly to form our own shadow group that will integrate the insights we gain. Here is the link

I don’t want you to miss out. If you are eager to make a change in your life, our group is designed for those who are not just dreaming of growth, but who are prepared to take action. 

Join us for a journey of self-discovery and meaningful connections. Possibility is afoot. I say, “Bring it!”


Guided Visualization:

1) Preparation: Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths to centre yourself.

2) Stepping into the Unknown: Visualize yourself standing at the edge of a forest (representing the unknown). With each breath, take a step forward, noticing the sensations and emotions that arise as you move deeper into the forest. Acknowledge the feeling of 'shaking in your boots' as you step into something new, and with each step, breathe out any fear or doubt that arises.

3) Dance of Consciousness: Imagine the forest clearing, transforming into a space where creativity and inspiration flow. See yourself dancing in this space, moving with the ebbs and flows of consciousness. With each movement, feel more inspired and connected to the path unfolding before you.

4) Heart vs. Mind Narrative: As you dance, notice two paths emerging from the clearing — one paved by the narratives of your mind, and the other one glowing with the creativity of your heart. Spend a moment on each path and observe how they feel different. Ask yourself which path reveals the new and inspired work that is yours to do.

5) Reflection: After the visualization, spend some time in silent reflection. Consider what insights came up during the meditation. What did the paths represent for you? What fears did you notice, and how did it feel to breathe through them?

6) Journaling: Open your eyes and journal about your experience. Write down the insights, emotions, and physical sensations you encountered during the visualization. Reflect on how this meditation relates to your life and the decisions you're facing.

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