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Your Inner Light

Ernest Holmes says,

“The whole purpose of the Science of Mind is to reconcile the apparent separation of the spiritual world, which must be Perfect, with the material world, which appears imperfect.”

Holmes also says,

“It is a belief in separation from an Infinite Life Source which binds and limits.”

Quotes like these ones can be dangerous when used in the wrong context. Holmes is not saying things that feel bad are not spiritual. No! In fact he embraces all of life and wants us to consider our judgements. It is our discriminations that create separation within ourselves, from others and our world. When we point a finger at another and say they should be doing it differently, we are really wanting our own life to be different.

The thought that any behaviour is not spiritual binds and limits. So the belief that anger is not spiritual or that uncertainty is not spiritual … this binds and limits. What if the uncertainty is the point? What if the raging anger expressed is Spirit in action moving through the power of anger?

I have shared time and again that there is One. Yup just One Thing happening. I have discussed that this Thing is Good and that it is everywhere in equal amounts. We are all connected because we are all a minute expression of this Infinite thing. My fingers and toes are an expression of Jill as fingers and toes. The wave is an expression of the ocean as a wave. Each and everything is an expression of the One and is connected since each is in the Whole of the One. And, we never look at our fingers and toes, or a wave and say, “Gee, you are getting it all wrong.” Instead we understand the vastness of expression and each splash has its own value in the greater scheme of things.

This main point is important to be reminded about daily because everything follows from this principle alone yet everything in the material world seems to contradict this premise.

Follow me for a moment…

What if I am wrong, or for that matter, Ernest Holmes is wrong, the Bible is wrong, A Course in Miracles is wrong… and so on… What if all things are separate vying for their place on Earth, struggling to get enough from a finite source? What if this is all there is and if we can figure out humanity and get it right we will be happy?

So I follow the rules of my culture and society, do as I am told, play out the script, get feed back from others and course correct according to their input. Continuing along this line of reason, which is reasonable, if I am not happy then I haven’t listened carefully enough and I need to do more research examining the output of other ‘successful’ people mirroring their actions. I push, I celebrate, I work hard at getting it right and I push some more.

I think most of us have done this for most of our lives in some form or another and you tell me… is it working? Are you totally 100% fulfilled? Or is there a longing in your heart searching for something… more?

So I am going to tell you straight out… this is not the way to inner joy NOR is it the way to a unified world, NOR is it the way to the highest expression of humanity as a whole. Why? If each one of us is so busy trying to figure out each other, who is left present right here now? Nobody would be. We would have our heads so filled with the world around us that we would be missing the power of the present moment and the world within. Imagine a different world where we turn our attention away from the distractions around us and instead we listen deeper.

This is a journey worth travelling. This is the source of rich wonder coming through our direct line to an Infinite Resource of Intelligence. We can never access that Great Good outside of ourselves, by taking direction from others, never! Why?

Ernest Holmes says, (in all CAPS I might add),


All advancement in our world comes from a deep study within. This inner light has limitless capabilities. It is the source of all newness. It is fresh, expansive, it is the Spirit of Truth revealing possibility. Trying to perfect our life from a study of the outer world only creates a repeat of what has already passed. Newness comes from the inside.

Make hast, be quick to realize the judgements placed on any given experience is limited thinking. Remember the first principle? All is this One Life; the ripple and the 20 foot wave, the sadness, madness and peace. Yup, every single thing! When we are busy interpreting any part of our experience wishing or thinking it should or could be different, we have again lost connection with the present moment and our light within.

Holmes says,

“Spirit is always Spirit. No matter what our emotional storm, or what our objective situation, may be, there is always a something hidden in the inner being that has never been violated.”

I am going to trust and believe this. I know all of me is spiritual, not just the parts that are shiny and calm. My emotional storm and my material assets are this wonder, this human journey … all of it. I am the ripple in calm waters and I am the raging swell smashing into the rocks. This beautiful dramatic human journey is rich and rewarding, especially when I let and let live.

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