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A workshop for home or work • Connect through mindfulness • Uplift through growth • Be inspired in life and work

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You set the TIME

You pick the LOCATION

About the Event

Are you ready to reclaim your most valuable resource - your attention? In today's world of constant distractions, your focused time and presence have become a scarce commodity. But what if you could dedicate that precious attention to deepening your self-awareness, strengthening relationships, and empowering your personal growth?

At The Centre for Inspired Living, we understand that true transformation happens when you fully immerse yourself in the present moment. That's why our custom-designed workshops offer a sacred space for you and your community to concentrate your collective energy on what matters most.

Whether gathering friends and family or hosting a team-building experience for colleagues, our tailored workshops provide an enriching journey of self-discovery. With a minimum of just 5 participants, you'll embark on a powerful exploration of:

  • Staying present and approach challenges with an open mind
  • Deepening interpersonal connections and emotional intelligence
  • Aligning your purpose with conscious, values-driven actions
  • Resolving conflicts through courageous conversations
  • Planning for growth and success without sacrificing work-life balance

Choose from our thoughtfully curated themes:

  • Deepening in Faith and Wisdom
  • Exploring Personality and Purpose
  • Living Consciously at Home and Work
  • Getting to Know My Team
  • Support Circles: Finding Meaning and Belonging

In our rapidly accelerating world, the greatest luxury is the gift of your undivided attention. Invest in this present-moment experience, and you'll unlock insights, tools and bonds that will empower you for years to come.

Email to book a consultation - we're ready to design a transformative experience tailored specifically for your unique community's needs and desires.

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