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Imagine a coming together of inspired individuals in Oneness (not sameness). 

Everyone is welcome

Membership is not mandatory in order to participate at The Centre. There are many offerings to pick and choose from. Connect however suits you best. Each event, workshop, class and group is inspired through wellbeing and consciousness principles.


General Member

A single annual donation is all that is required for you to become a General Member (non-voting member), and it is also a pro-active choice to support the  Good that The Centre's work contributes to you and the world. This is a next step in growing  within this empowered community, and up-levelling the effects of the Law of Circulation in your life. As a General Member, you'll also receive a tax receipt for any yearly donation over $25, a subscription to our newsletter,  and an inside scoop on our good works and upcoming happenings. 

Making a Difference

Governing member

An even deeper dive into activating  and supporting that which promotes abundance in your life; body, mind and spirit. You are really taking the reins now! With a monthly donation  (in an amount of your choosing), as a Governing member (voting member), you are now one of the people who have chosen to help 'keep the lights on'. (Our operations are totally funded by donations). Additionally, you now have a say and a vote as we make the decisions that grow our charitable work, you are eligible to receive one complementary Practitioner session per year and you receive special class perks. Thank you for supporting the richness in your own life and also for paying it forward. Way to grow! 

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