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What? How? Why?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Why are you attracted to certain things and not others? What inspires you to take action, or sit this one out? Good questions right?

Examining “what is ours to do” is never about duty or commitment, but rather about the creative urge that is longing for an outlet to express. Exploring and understanding myself in this great big reality called Life is why I LOVE metaphysical teachings.

One warm, youthful day in early March, I put on a white shirt and headed downstairs for breakfast. My mother said, “You can’t wear that!” I retorted, “Why?” “Well,” she replied, “It isn’t Easter yet.” “Are you kidding me? Like the day of the year determines what I wear? I don’t think so…” An argument ensued.

This is a highlighted story that defined my life growing up. Ideas of how to be “me” bubbled up inside. If it fit in with a status quo… my ways went unnoticed. If I wasn’t within the guidelines of our home or school, then questioning, manipulation and threats were tools used to get me ‘back on track’. I wouldn’t capitulate. Oh, I tried to be the ‘good girl’ but it would only last 2 days, max, and I was miserable. So I would go back to being … me … and go down as the toughest to raise out of my four siblings.

I am grateful for my inner calling that wouldn’t quit. It has brought me to where I am today and I LOVE my life! I never knew where I was going, but I was always on my way.

I resonate with Simon Sinek’s work in his book, Start with Why. Here is a quote from the book that I personalized:

‘What if the next time someone asks, “Who’s your competition?” I replied, “No idea” ?’ ‘What if the next time someone pushes, “Well, what makes you better than your competition?” I replied, “I’m not better than them in all cases” ?’ ’And what if the next time someone asks, “Well, why should I join you, then?” I answer with confidence, “Because the work I’m doing now is better than the work I was doing six months ago. And the work I’ll be doing six months from now will be better than the work I’m doing today. Because I wake up every day with a sense of WHY I do what I do. I pioneer the way to joy through demonstration. Am I better than others? If you believe what I believe and you believe that the things I do can help you, then I’m better. If you don’t believe what I believe and you don’t believe the things I can do will help you, then I’m not better”?’

I’m an optimist at heart. I want to see a world that is a happier place for everyone together and I wake up every morning looking for new ways to be the example of a way. This is me. Without realizing it, I have always walked confidently along this path and, as I mature, my understanding has deepened and my faith in the creative process is strong. I believe living a life from the inside out is happiness. This is what I demonstrate and teach.

What I do day to day, how I live each moment, is rooted in my sense of ‘why I bother’. I am here on this human journey, playing this game called life…. Regardless the number rolled on the dice for my next move, whether I land on “Go to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $100”, or I purchase “Park Place”, there is a foundational Truth from which I live that never wavers; rooted in my core values of wisdom and optimism. This is why I do what I do. How about you?

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