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Amplifying Our Magnificence

How do we live a life where we amplify our full magnificence?

I was reading an email from The Conscious Leadership Group that shared an exercise by entrepreneur and author, Tim Ferriss. Every year, instead of making new year’s resolutions, Ferriss does a Past Year Review. Brilliant!

This is what it looks like:

  1. Divide a page in half. Label one side ‘positive’, the other side ‘negative’.

  2. Review every week of the past year.

  3. For each week, make a note on your page of people / activities / commitments that triggered peak ‘positive’ or peak ‘negative’ experiences. Record them in the appropriate column.

  4. Once complete, go over each list and note the 20% of each positive and negative list that produced the MOST powerful or reliable peaks.

  5. From the results, schedule more ‘positives’ in your life. Prebook friends, activities or events and commitments that you know work for you!

  6. Then, take the top ‘negative’ results and put them on a NOT-TO-DO list. Keep that list available to you, to help remember to pass by things that you will know make you miserable.

That’s it!

We are all individualized expressions of an Infinite Source. We don’t know what that Source is, however. We can only know It to the degree that we know ourselves.

What we do know is that, if it is INFINITE, there is only It. So, then, everything must exist within this field of Infinite expression.

Many mystic teachers throughout the ages have come to the same conclusion, that there are not two powers at war with each other in the Universe. There is just one. One, One, One … and IT expresses through Infinite Possibilities. New Thought leader Ernest Holmes was known to have talked about how we must be ‘spontaneous’, rather than ‘automatic’. As spontaneous individuals, we are self creative. We have all the potential and possibility of… the INFINITE!

So, your Past Year Review will be very different from mine. And, as we individually map out our peak enjoyments, we’ll open a window into our unique “Zones of Genius” (a term coined by psychologist and personal growth writer, Gay Hendricks). When we are in the Genius Zone, we love what we are doing, and we do it well.

In describing how best to lean in more fully to your Zone Of Genius, the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, also suggests a review process. The invitation there is to review your past couple of weeks, and at least 25 activities of engagement. Then, the idea is to draw an up arrow beside any activity which left you feeling energized, an arrow across if you felt neutral, and a down arrow if your energy went down during the activity.

It is time to get to know ourselves, to uncover our own true natures and to align our lives with that. This is why I am teaching our Find Your Why;Your Purpose course, starting on the 18th. Nothing can be more important than finding that out.

When we are in alignment with our “Why”, it is like surfing a wave in perfection…. All of Life flows to lift us up and carry us forward. Effortless. Fun!

Author, Tama Kieves, advises us to follow our ‘rebel brilliance’. Tama was a ‘successful’ lawyer who was so unhappy, she had to quit. All she wanted to do was write. Her mother told her that if she chose to write, she would starve. But Tama felt like she had no other choice… for her, it was ‘write or die’. Ten years later, after working as a waitress and at other such jobs to support herself, she published her book, This time I Dance, in 2006. Tama wrote, “I was put on this earth to champion visionary minds, creative souls, freedom junkies, love-driven entrepreneurs and change-agents, and anyone who wants to live and work from inspiration instead of fear.”

There is that thing that is bubbling up in each one of us.

It is our genius.

We can try to put a lid on it.

If we do this,

We might just explode.

But if we trust that inner voice,

That still, small whisper,

If we trust in a Universe of Divine Intelligence,

That stuff that we are made of,

And we listen…

We might just find that our life unfolds as the miracle

We have always dreamed of living.


As metaphysician, Emma Curtis Hopkins, said, “There is Greater good for me and I ought to have it!”

Copyright (C) 2022 Centre For Inspired Living - Campbell River. All rights reserved.

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