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Chaos or Harmony

Look up!

”Look up”, metaphysician, Ernest Holmes taught.

”Look up”, his teacher, Emma Curtis Hopkins, insisted. We need another perspective, a bigger idea.

Ok, so what do you believe? Do you believe in an Infinite Universe, or do you believe that there is this universe and something outside of it? If there is something else outside of our universe, what is it?

Do we really know anything? What I love about the Science of Mind literature is that Ernest Holmes leaves the philosophical questions up to us. Yet, there are physical laws that we all experience in our daily life. For instance, if I am holding a pen, and I let it go, it will fall to the ground. That is due to the principles of gravity. If I take an electrical cord and plug it into the outlet on my wall, I will be able to light up my computer. We call the phenomenon that allows that to happen, electricity. These examples highlight principles of physics that have been discovered, and that we have, then, learned how to use. For many hundreds of years people looked to the skies and marvelled over birds and flight, but humanity did not yet understand how to use the principles involved. There remained a strong desire that encouraged people to try, however…. As a result, there were many crazy attempts and many crashes… until one day something clicked… and the first human flight took off! In 1903, the Wright brothers, after many attempts, flew 852 feet in 59 seconds.

The thing is, the principles of flight never changed…. What did change, is that the Wright brothers discovered how to use them. And today? People fly off cliffs in wingsuits, for fun!

Ernest Holmes wrote, in capitol letters, “OUT OF ANY CHAOS, WE CAN PRODUCE HARMONY.”

Well of course we can! Harmony is also a physical principle of the Universe, and it exists in every moment. What we need to do is to adjust our perceptions in order to discover it, in the here and now.

Think of a garden in the Fall. One could think, “OMG the plants are dying!!! The snow hit my garden and turned my cauliflower heads into mush. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” But I don’t respond to my composting garden with this level of fear, because I know about the seasons. Even though I may not know the science behind why seasons happen, I know they dohappen, and so I can use the change of seasons to grow the best garden ever.

Life happens. Life is. Our experience of Life mirrors the story we write about it.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Never look at that which you do not wish to experience.”

Why would he say that? If I am overly optimistic I may risk being called PollyAnna or accused of wearing rose coloured glasses… but I say, “WHY NOT?” I know what happens when I stare at a problem. Do you? Have you ever focused on a “problem” and had your experience of it get better? Or, did you point your thoughts instead towards a solution, and that solution-focus solved the problem? Holmes’ view was, “Never limit your view of life.”

There is power in our imagination … POWER! So why not look up and imagine the best Good?

Emma Curtis Hopkins’ writings instruct us to write the highest ideal we can imagine, daily… fortifying our highest understanding of an Infinite Universe. This, then, becomes what is possible in our experience. If we can imagine it, then we are pointing the Intelligence of the Universe, that works through us, toward that direction. We are not separate from the One Life. It IS us, individualized and experiencing Life THROUGH us, always.

Sooooo???? What do you choose?

What seems chaotic in your life right now? What is a totally different way you can look at it; a different lens? Can you see the possible Good? Make the Good a possibility in your mind, in your imagination, and let that thought grow.

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