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Contracting Thought, Expanding Thought: Which one wins?

“I look up and know there is a Power and Truth that guides my way.” Jill Brocklehurst-Booth

If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of mental energy criticizing, bullying, shaming and/or marginalizing yourself. My great cover up is the pointing of my finger at others judging them for their apparent limitations, keeping myself busy OUT THERE so that I can distract myself from the brutal dialogue IN HERE. News and social media is a great tool for distraction. Plug into a Netflix TV Series and I can float away in a fairy tale of bliss for hours.

I imagine our future world, people in apartment buildings wired up to their virtual reality headsets projecting the life they long for, all the while never leaving their room. Ha! Who am I to judge? It’s just an individual experiencing humanity it an unique way. As if my way is better! But the life I want is different.

When I slow down and get quiet I can hear my inner voice. She has lists and unmet expectations, and she is so pushy. Brutal! So Why slow down?

Keep moving I say, keep running away from these thoughts… peanut butter and banana sandwich, drinks with friends, gossip… oh yes gossip. Somebody is far worse than me. The avoidance is bliss…

But wait, there are two voices. The second voice is softer, but I hear her. She is powered by an insatiable fire and passion, unmoved by the other voice. She waits. She has my back. She guides me in a completely different direction but I don’t know this path. I am the only one on it. I can’t find companions or support. I turn around and run back to the familiar, and watch another Netflix show.

Days, weeks, months go by and I hear her voice again. I know the difference. She is lighter and expansive filled with possibility. I am intrigued. A little nervous I follow again. This time I see someone else going this way. Not very many but a few steps further and, yup, sure enough I am not alone. These people are different and the rules of this road, well, hard to navigate at first because it operates from very different principles. I like this way… but UGH! Bullshit happens in my life and in a knee jerk response I resort to the familiar old way.

Ernest Holmes tells us, “We do well to listen to this Inner Voice, for it tells us of a life wonderful in its scope; of a love beyond our fondest dreams; of a freedom which the soul craves.”

During my morning meditation practice I pick up the Science of Mind and read a few pages. I am drawn to High Mysticism by Emma Curtis Hopkins. I hear the soft voice within and I get back on the bus. Oh there you are! You are on this path with me. Phew… I’m not alone. Thanks for joining me.

Emma Curtis Hopkin teaches, “It is a well-known law to metaphysical students that the mind is sure to become like the mind it associates with, whether by reading its writings or face-to-face conversations.”

What I do know is the life that is here right now in this present moment is so much richer than any dream. It is powerful, real and fulfilling… but is fleeting… This human 3D reality is mesmerizing and keeps pulling me away from this new path. It takes determination and effort to maintain a clear mind and focus.

I believe our journey is to wake up from the distractions and find Truth.

We do this by immersing ourselves in teachings of Truth… reading and writing, quoting teachers, prophets and mystics. Here is what I wrote last week after reading Emma. These are my expansive thoughts and I invite you to use them as your own.

“Success is my birthright. I build my great life on resolve. I face any and all deep feelings and always find a conviction within my soul that has a right to success. I meet all my feelings with right words, rehearsing songs of deliverance and quoting teachers of triumph. If I fail, I begin again and rise on the wings of the words of my soul. Success is my birthright.

I appreciate my tenacity. I judge not by appearances or by the hearing of my ears for they can not touch what is holy and true within me. I look up and know there is a Power and Truth that guides my way. My affirmative words are strong. I partake of the living substance of the One in all my affairs. Truth Itself resides in me and guides me. Happiness, peace, delight … this is the spark of my soul. Life is Good, the One Life, and can not be slain. Life thrives, expands and celebrates Itself in all diversity. My life is glorious!

My joy is high on the mountain of my soul and my heart is wide open singing this praise of sufficiency. My life is glorious. Good is All and I live from the triumph song of my soul. I AM THAT I AM!

And so it is!”

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