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Deep Within YOU, Light Is Always Shining

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~ Sir Edmund Hillary

I did it again. I forgot that I'm OK just the way I am. I can tend to have this ‘bad habit’ of leaning into an idea that says I need to write better, speak better… know the English language better. (Ya, English is my first language!) 

Did you know that my close friends and family get great chuckles from listening to me pronounce words wrong or mix up pithy phrases like, “a bull in a candy store”? 

Recently, some of us at the Centre were working on a video for a class I am teaching, and the videographer asked me to say a sentence over, three times, trying to teach me how to pronounce “situation” correctly. Finally, the manager said, “Cut! ‘Siduation’ is how she says it. Let’s leave it alone.”

If you have been finding my recent articles more ‘heady’, I've been leaning into ChatGPT far too heavily. When this program edits my words, I think it sounds so much smarter and wise, so I push my style aside and I allow a facade to be what I present to you.

It is sometimes hard for me to grasp that who I am is magical just the way I am… that you, my readers, have hung around because you like my silliness. Perhaps you enjoy my quirky insights and the way that I show up in the world. (It must be true, because here you are). Thank you for that. Thank you for liking me just the way I am. 

I am on a journey to feel appreciation for myself. I want to see the brilliance of my personality and the value that it has in our society.

I know the world needs so many different styles. But often, I look too high up at others. I want to be more like those whom I admire, so I put them on a pedestal, and look for ways to jump up and join them. Interesting… when, indeed, the thing that I am attracted to is actually their uniqueness.

It’s not their style I am drawn to, but rather their clarity and ability to show up in confidence around who they are. (Or, at least that's how they appear to me from the outside… . The more I immerse in this work, however, the more I realize that it is a rare person who doesn't carry some deep concern about their own value). 

I believe so passionately that genius exists within each one of us, that I design courses to help YOU discover your brilliant light. I know that, for this vision to be successful… my vision of each and every person grasping their personal power and  standing in their ‘truth’ or their ‘strong suit’, I must find a way to demonstrate that it is possible. (Crap!)

So, here I am. I am raw and authentically showing up to let you know that I have returned. This is me, fully me, without machine editing… and it is way more fun!

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