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Discovering Our Why

“To suppose that [Life] could make each [person] an individual, without leaving [them] to discover [themselves], would be to suppose an impossibility. Individuality must be spontaneous; it can never be automatic. The seed of freedom must be planted in the innermost being of

[each person], but, [… each individual] must make the great discovery

for [themselves].” ~ Ernest Holmes (The Science of Mind)

Discovering who we are as independent individuals is the most important work we can do toward living our fulfilled lives. Each of us is a part of a complex whole… intricately interwoven, and evolving according to everyone’s specific roles, along the path of this Journey we are all on together. However, while we may theorize and philosophize about higher concepts related to living, seldom do we lean deep into the work of real self discovery: “who am I and what is my purpose?” It takes great courage to put this work into practice.

I was watching re-runs of “Ted Lasso”, Season 2. The soccer team that the show is about hires a psychologist. Ted, the coach of the team, continues to hide his anxiety attacks until they become debilitating. Finally, in desperation, he seeks help to face them. HA! Well, his journey is a typical one, fraught with avoidance and distractions, but his persistent character eventually has him turning inward, bit by bit. Slowly but surely, he begins to uncover the source of his hidden pain and, with that discovery, he is then able to implement coping tools, support, and an expanded personal understanding to launch him on his way to greater peace.

Each and every person has a purpose. There is no right or wrong way to live… there is only the discovery of Self, the opportunity to choose, and the decision to go this way or that. The challenge is in resisting the influences surrounding us. ‘Other’ people, our communities and organizations, are always voicing some script of the ‘right’ way to live, what to believe, and what to do. What I notice, is that everyone is so busy trying to figure out what everyone else thinks they ‘should’ be doing, that there is no time or space left to ask the questions, “What do I want to be doing? What actually makes my heart soar?”

This is an illogical way to live. Spending copious amounts of time listening to the directions of the world outside of ourselves, instead of listening to the deep wisdom of our hearts and souls within, does’t make sense. The sort of mechanism it would take to decide which voice to listen to, or which to filter out (or turn off), is impossible to create. Some say honey is good for you, for instance. Others say it isn’t. Some say do this, while others say to go a different that. The external world is so confusing! If we are all listening to everyone else, who is left listening within?

My son was 10 1/2 before he could read. I learned a new theory about brain development that encouraged me to school him differently. As he got much older than Society’s collective idea concerning ‘appropriate’ reading age, I began to feel panic and doubt surface in me. But the science behind my new idea was good enough for me to stay the course and trust. One day, he could not read any early learning books… then suddenly, the next day he was bounding up the stairs in joy at being able to read Harry Potter, word for word. He now is one of the most avid readers I know.

Staying the course and trusting the work brings profound satisfaction and results to every situation. The works of thought leaders such as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and Ernest Holmes all encourage each and every one of us to discover our unique contributions to Life. That means there are over 8 billion different ways to express while here on Planet Earth. So, to say that there is only one ‘right way’? That idea is preposterous!! We must learn to embrace every way, as part of this One Infinite Life.

I teach a class that is all about finding your “WHY” (your ‘purpose’). I am always surprised when people enrol expecting me to tell them their next brilliant way to be. I have no idea what is right for you! Instead, I lay out tools and share practices to aid you in uncovering the mystery of your ownindividuality. This is profound work.

(I think it is ridiculous to imagine that there is ‘only one way’, but, that being said, I do also understand that it can seem easier to be a ‘follower’ than to awaken to our own individual expressions of brilliance. I’ve been there, and done that).

Our Centre belongs to a larger organization, but within that organization we are known for teaching, sharing and practicing the ancient wisdoms that underpin New Thought philosophies differently. Our Centre leans in, in order to discover our individual way to “awaken and inspire individuals so that all of Life is uplifted”.

I am excited to share that, as much as it was a thrill to watch my son read independently, it is even more thrilling to observe our Centre’s work growing and unfolding uniquely.

Ernest Holmes mentions “the individual” 312 times in his seminal work, The Science of Mind, for a reason. My WHY - Find Your Purpose course is brilliant. And, if you gather a group of 6 or more people together, I will share our life-transforming process directly with you, in-person or on-line, any time. What are you waiting for? Just saying…

~ I challenge you to get that group of 6 or more together, and to let us know you are ready to deep dive into your unique purpose in this life. I can’t wait to share this life-transforming work with you. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

~ Send us an email to make arrangements: (admin@the

~ And, in the meantime, I encourage you to spend some time this week discovering your uniqueness and what makes you rock!

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