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Faith Always Works

“Command of the Great Servant is a practice that changes the nature from timidity and doubt to commanding boldness. It changes the nature from timid following to daring leadership, and from obedience to authority.”

~ Emma Curtis Hopkins

I stretched back after meditation to ponder possible activities for the day. My body likes to move and my heart loves adventure. I pondered the quote, “This is the day the Universe has made, and I rejoice in it.” My mind was drawing blanks, though, so I began my morning journalling and reading…

“I receive, I receive, I receive. My heart and Soul sing free. I am awake and celebrate this wonderful day”, I chanted to myself.

While in my practice, I noticed a text message pop up that was inviting me out for an adventure hike and weenie roast. Well, Universe, that was fast!

But, what rose up in me first was an idea of ‘responsibility’. How could I go on a 4-5 hour adventure when I had chores at home, and work for the Centre to do? It was Monday, and my work schedule had been slim all holiday week. I had class preparation and phone calls to make. Was an adventure ok? No, I told myself, “I must work harder. What will people think? Jill, do the ‘right’ thing!”

However, because I was involved in my morning spiritual practices, I woke myself up to this limiting inner banter. I actually heard myself negotiating fun away. So, I was compelled to write the following:

“I am bold and confident and dare the seemingly impossible. I follow my heart. Responsibility pulls one way, the heart leans the other. What is responsibility but a false idea built on stories in the world of form, never backed by Principle? I take this loving opportunity to lean in and follow my heart. I sing and celebrate the joys of good fortune. Follow the path. Receive. I have faith in my heart. Give to me the clarity and grace to boldly receive the adventure of this day. Give to me the confidence to rise up in my heart and look ‘responsibility’ square in the face, and announce my good pleasure.”

You have no idea how hard this inner battle was for me, but I was determined to put the practices we teach to the test. “Trust, Jill, trust.” I was worried about what my co-worker would think. I had concern for the pressure I might receive from my husband. It seems simple, perhaps… a ‘first-world’ problem… but I was shaking inside, afraid of disapproval and rejection. “Press onward, this is the day the One Life has made and I rejoice in it”, I reminded myself.

Renowned metaphysician, Emma Curtis Hopkins, taught that, “Faith always works”. So, I did what spiritual teachings have taught since the beginning of time. I trusted my heart, went on the adventure and had a fine day, exploring new sights and making new friends. I allowed the unfiltered Jill to show up, to have deep conversations, to ask challenging questions, and to walk my speed with whomever I wanted.

On our hike, we eventually reached a glorious lookout, where we stopped and built a fire. I sat down on a log, ate my carrot dogs, knitted, conversed and admired the beauty of the east coast of North Vancouver Island. Although I got home later than expected, the world didn’t come to an end. My husband was happy and joyous to see me, I had pictures and inspirations for my weekly column, and I felt refreshed and motivated to dig in and get some great work done on behalf of our Centre and the teachings of The Science of Mind.

We have all been conditioned in a society that tells us what is right and wrong. We are pressured by friends and family to fit in, and to do what is ‘right’ (according to outside sources), or to not to be ‘a trouble maker’. But that does not reflect Spiritual Principle. The Infinite Expression of Life is just that… infinite! Values, beliefs, rules and regulations are human-made (agreed upon so that we may operate harmoniously in the world together). We think this is necessary, and so we are taught that simply relying on the guidance from within ourselves is selfish. I believe, however, that this inner guidance, our true inner wisdom, is actually the voice of spiritual attributes such as love, joy, beauty, and peace. Living from this wisdom always leads us to a life that works for everyone. I believe this, and I believe that faith in this always ‘works’.

We know what our world looks like when people are driven from the pressures of societal norms. I wonder what our world would look like if people always followed their hearts instead. This may not be our habit. It may take concentrated effort to learn how, but I continue to work on building this inner muscle every day.

~ What is one small thing your heart is calling for, that you can plan to do today or on some day in the near future? ~ Put that thing in your calendar and make it the most important thing for you to do. ~ Pay close attention to the affirmative results. They are always there! ~ Email me to let me know about the adventures you have with your own inner guidance. (

~ If you’d like to learn some more tools for accessing your inner voice, we have classes and events we encourage you to check out: Follow this link for more info

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