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Faith, Your Superpower

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

“When we use our imagination in strong faith, it will create for us.”

~ Ernest Holmes ~

It doesn’t matter what we have faith in, if we believe it …we will receive it. Do you know what the opposite of faith is? Fear!

Let’s check out what the Science of Mind has to say about this: Misplaced Faith

Someone has said that the entire world is suffering from one big fear... the fear that the Universe will not provide all that we desire.

Let us analyze the fears which possess us and see if this is true. The fear of lack is nothing more than the belief that the Universe does not, and will not, supply us with whatever we need.

The fear of death is the belief that the promises of ‘life’ after death may not be true.

The fear of loss of health, loss of friends, loss of property—all arise from the belief that the Universe is not all that we claim:

Omniscient…All Intelligent

Omnipotent… All Powerful

Omnipresent… Everywhere

'But what is fear? Nothing more nor less than the negative use of faith... faith misplaced; a belief in two powers instead of One Life; a belief that there can be a Power—opposed to Infinite Good—whose influence and ability may bring us all bad things.

In other words, to correct all the disasters of the world, would be but to have the positive faith (faith rightly placed) a faith that believes in the integrity of the Universe, and the Unity of all life.

Nevertheless, we cannot have faith in that which we do not, in some measure, understand.

Let’s dive deeper:

The trees are starting to bud and leaf, and although it still feels cold, (ok it IScold), I can’t help but want to spend some time gardening. This hobby reminds me of a simple way to explain the “Principles of Life”…

Everything that we partake in today plants the seeds for our tomorrows.

I get such joy puttering between sprouts of all sorts, preparing for the coming warmer temperatures. I plan everything I need to do, anticipating the fruit, berries and vegetables I will harvest, intermingling these plants with flowers for the birds and bees. I uncover so many surprises!!

I haven’t had a lot of success growing onions so the ones that were too little to harvest, I left in the ground over winter. What wonders came up the following summer! The previous year’s plants had turned into beautiful bee flowers. (See above photo). I never knew that would happen! And look what I found this spring! Baby onion plants! WOW!!

In my desire to support natural life cycles, I let the flowers be. Fall came and gradually, plant by plant, they died and fell over. At this point the life of the garden entered the quiet stage of Winter, where potential stirred below the surface, where Possibility worked its magic, where ideas (seeds) from the past took hold and built energy for the Spring. What I learned is these flowering onion plants don’t grow onion bulbs (just as old carrots left in the ground don’t grow carrots). They grow onion seeds.They grow the idea of an onion! It may seem silly to you that this process of life in my garden has me mesmerized, but this is the cycle of ALL LIFE.

Thoughts are seeds.

Our beliefs are seeds.

What we are sure will happen… WILL happen. Not because it is inevitable, but because we have tended our garden of thoughts; of ideas.

I hear many a story of people who have an idea that they never give up on. They believe. They sow their dream in the fertile earth of Life Itself. Weeds may grow. Drought may happen. Rabbits may come and eat the seedlings. But the thing that successful men and women have in common, is their tenacity. They never stop planting the seeds of their desires… their dreams… their visions.

The Law of Life works this way, not ‘some of the time for some people’, but ‘ALL of the time for ALL people’. It is a precise, scientific, mathematical equation:

Thought + Feeling and depth of Desire = Results


Our Centre is in its Winter season. I know this because we have tended our garden diligently, we have harvested our crop, and we have prepared for what is next to come. We wait, now, with the conviction that all is well.

The Science of Mind says, “Faith is built up from our beliefs, acceptance and trust. Whenever anything enters our thoughts which destroys, in any degree, one of these attitudes, to that extent faith is weakened”.

So, our minds must be steady with our convictions of Good. The thoughts and ideas we have today, the actions we take today, are the seeds we will harvest in our tomorrows. Faith is your super power!


~ What are the thoughts and beliefs you want to plant? ~ Create a powerful affirmation and finish it off with: And so it is! ~ Carry it around all week and read it several times each day (upon awakening, at lunch, before you go to bed… and even more)!


Dear Practitioner: I keep trying things, but I just can’t seem to get ahead… Answer: Start where you are - “a thing is what it is”. Then look at whether you keep putting your energy into the same ways of coming at things, or whether there may be a bigger picture to look at… We have moved Ask A Practitioner to a video format. You can check out this week’s full video response on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages (@TheCentreCR). There are also many episodes uploaded to our YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to access this week’s response via Facebook We welcome any questions you would like to submit! Simply email: **Free email (or voice memo) affirmation treatments are available, upon request** **One-on-one treatment/support sessions are available on an exchange-for-service basis**


Volunteer: We are always in need of volunteers for various things, and we are grateful to each and every one of you who answers the call! This week, thanks is going out to all the folks who have been putting their thinking caps on to help us find a new spot to store our sea can - we haven’t found that ‘just right’ spot quite yet, but your efforts in the quest are greatly appreciated. (We are still looking for some space in a yard, driveway, or other piece of property close to town for our sea can to sit until we find our new retreat property, as bylaws have deemed that we must vacate our current spot, so please let us know if you or anyone you know might have a space they’d be willing to share). If you have special skills you would like bring our to play, please let us know that as well - we’d love to hear about them, and invite you to the team. We are currently in the market for a volunteer to help with some data entry and digital file management, and we may need help with some upcoming Spring events. Link to Email the office, if you are interested. Bright Ideas: How about your own fun activity/event ideas or fundraising campaigns? We’d love to hear from you on any of that as well. It’s so great to have people creatively involved in shaping and supporting what we offer. Share the Excitement: We’d love you to follow us and interact (like, follow, share, comment, subscribe, etc) with our social media pages. That helps build community, and also allows more folks to hear about the terrific services, education, programs and events we offer. If you like what we offer, probably your family and friends will too! (And, if you’d like to add our official hashtags to the end of anything you share from The Centre, here they are: #upliftlife #getcentred #TheCentreCR. That’ll help to raise our profile, and create more connections).


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Let’s keep on doing our part towards the realization of “a world that works for everyone!” #UpliftLife #GetCentred

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