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Generate the Feeling

“The Science of Mind gives us the passion for a new possibility along with precise and clear directions for building a new matrix of mind and manifestation” ~ Ernest Holmes

I remember, several years ago, I inherited a large sum of money and, with it, I experienced two iconic moments: First, I needed to transfer $100,000 over to another bank, but I didn’t want to spend the $20 transfer fee. Why should I? Instead, I pre-ordered the cash so I could walk across town and make the deposit manually. The day it arrived, I went into a back room and the teller counted out the $100 bills with me. After we were done, I asked her if I could play with it and take a picture before I left. “Sure!”, she said.

So, I put all the bills in the shape of a heart and I snapped a shot. FUN! Then the teller asked me how I was going to carry it. “In my backpack,’ I said. There I was, walking through downtown Campbell River with $100,000 in $100 bills on my back. What fun! And nobody was the wiser, but I was!!!!

That week, I had the joy of dispersing the funds in various ways. I was elated. I wanted to remember that feeling. Then, one day, sometime later, I was walking to work along Merecroft, floating energetically above the ground; overjoyed… “Remember this feeling Jill”, I reminded myself again. I wanted to be able to draw on these memories of total freedom, of a total sense of power, and I wanted to be able to inject them into any moment in my future.

Science of Mind leader, Ernest Holmes, wrote about this type of practice in this way: “Science of Mind shows us how to activate the constructive imagination and how to hold, in thought and feeling, the intention and energy for healing and co-creation.”

This year, as I have mentioned before, we have been following the “Science of Mind text book readings in a year”. Much of the text talks about affirmations; holding thoughts of what we desire in life as inspirations for ourselves. HOWEVER, I have come to realize that without a co-responding feeling, affirmations can seem powerless (or, even worse, may tend to work in opposition).

Take this affirmation, for instance: “My thoughts are pure, relaxed and peaceful”.Well.. what if, in this moment, they aren’t? Then what?

Last night I don’t think the affirmation above would have done me any good. I was inside my head, reciting old ‘stories’ and living from my triggers. I could have repeated such an affirmation until I was blue in the face, but I wouldn’t have felt able to embody it. What I really needed was a good dose of “Jenny in the Lake”! Let me explain:

My Jenny in the Lake Story:

We had our community paddle on Sunday, and the weather was perfect: 30˚C, light wind, warm water, and the best of friends. Eric took us to a small island on Beavertail Lake, where we all had a place to rest and visit. At one point, I looked over to see Jenny in the water. She was the perfect example of total peace and calm, floating effortlessly, totally at home. I could tell she was in her happy place. I explained that this is the ‘place’ of being from which to recite our powerful affirmations. It is important to remember that feeling first, as it is most powerful to affirm from a place of total peace and calm. Ernest Holmes wrote, “We need to stop boring the Universe… by waking up to the fact that we are here in Consciousness school to learn the principles of world-making and the evolving of self and society.”

This is where we start. Keep it simple. Find the feelings… the things that make your heart soar, and hold fast to them. And, remind yourself, when you are soaring high, feeling free and joyous, that this is the most powerful time to do your affirmation work. Then do it. And keep on practicing.

I invite you to drop me an email, describing your happy place and letting me know what you are affirming. I will be sure to add you to my consciousness work this week.

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