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Implicit Memory

“Thought is at first an auto-suggestion, then it becomes an unconscious memory, working day and night. This is what decides how the Law of Attraction works for us…”

~ Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind

When you get in your car to drive, I am guessing that you are thinking about everything except how to drive. I also bet that when you first sat behind the steering wheel, your mind was attentive to every little detail. However, if you are like me, driving went from intense effort to total mindlessness. How did this happen?

Welcome to the interesting part of our minds! So much exists in unconsciousness; behaviours, skills, memories… some good and… well… some challenging. The Science of Mind philosophy teaches us to be mindful of our thoughts and to change those that don’t serve us. We also look at uncovering triggers (past beliefs and stored emotions) so that we might free ourselves to living anew; free from the confines of any blocks and barriers to our great lives. Today, I want to discuss creating new unconscious memories, and the dedication it takes to make these solid and implicit.

Our first lesson is to learn that there is an Infinite Intelligence, “the Universe”, a “Divine Consciousness”, a “Spiritual System”. We learn to look upward, away from the appearances around us, and open to our biggest ideas of Life.

Ruth L. Miller, PhD, wrote, in the book, Unveiling Your Hidden Power, “Remember that we are like that to which our inner eye is directed, we choose to become the Good by focusing on the aspects of the One."

First focus on the aspects of “the One”: Love, Joy, Peace, Power, Light, Beauty, Life. Once we have settled into these ideas, next we need to dissolve any beliefs that interfere with our concept of Infinite Intelligence.

I have many conversations with people who say things like, “It is all well and good to talk about Infinite Possibilities but let’s be practical, we have to live in this world.”

So, these people are focusing on what? … Their limited experience of life! If what we focus on expands, then we know what they are going to get more of….

I once got into a conversation in class where my students wanted to argue that the only way to get ahead was to work hard and make sacrifices. I revealed that I have never read a spiritual text that determines this sort of activity is a requirement for better living. (‘Hard’ and ‘sacrifice’ are not spiritual principles). Well, the students were mad. They had lived their lives by this belief and, although they had the money to show for it, they also had family turmoil and poor health. From a “material world” perspective, yes, they had ‘stuff’ and had achieved much financially, but the question is, were they ‘ahead’? Is the only way to make money through sacrifice? I refuse to believe it.

I have been developing my implicit memory based on spiritual principles. I look up to get the biggest idea of Life I can possibly conceive, and I pay attention to the small thinking that gets in my way. There is either a Power for Good in the Universe that I can use… or there isn’t. Most of us practice “there isn’t”, habitually. How would our lives change if we practiced differently? What would our days look like if we chose to know, without doubt, that, “there is greater Good for me, always, and I ought to have it”?

I am dedicated to training my mind to steep in spiritual principles without effort. This means I practice, practice, practice. Over the course of the last 25 years I have spent focused time reading and writing about spiritual ideals. I am confident this has changed my unconscious way of thinking for the better. My daily practice is a minimum of 15 minutes reading, and 15 - 20 minutes of journalling. I choose from the most mystical literature on my shelf and I grow through it… I know it, I feel it, and I trust that this practice has a deep effect on the way I unconsciously respond to daily living.

You can do this on your own, but what I have learned is that it is WAY easier to grow within a supportive network. There is a reason I teach this stuff. I know it works and that it changes lives for the better. I have designed our present classroom series for easy access. Come to one of the upcoming classes, or come to them all. I am here for you. You are not alone. Let’s grow together!

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