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Living in Balance (Pt. 3 of 5)

“In a state of overwhelm, I decided to slow down and spend more time meditating and journaling again… I became more aligned with my authentic self—bringing with it not only greater abundance but also a greater sense of ease and purpose.”

~ Derek Rydall (Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change)

I had a lot to do. It was October 5th and I was leaving for a 9-day trip, including a son’s wedding and a visit with my Mum at an end-of-life care facility.

“Can I do it all with just a carry-on bag?”, I asked myself. “What do I need?”

Part of what I ‘needed’ was to remember to put my emails on travel mode, to finish up loose ends in the office, and all the while (somehow) keep meditating, showing up for yoga, and fitting in a run here and there.

As I typed my newsletter entry, I was shovelling my lunch into my mouth with hardly a thought. Ideas popped into my brain and I’d load in two scoops of food so that I could be busy chewing while I typed out the inspirations…

And then I noticed what I was doing…

Oh dear…. “Breathe already!”

Does any of this sound familiar in any way? Multi-tasking and “having it all - doing it all” are often encouraged in our culture. We rush through life, from thing to thing to thing. But is it truly serving us?

This week I invite you to slow down. Perhaps prepare a meal… set the table, turn off all the distractions, maybe light a candle, put on some soothing background music and really be “present” with each moment, enjoying every bite.

Later, I encourage you to journal about the experience. Make a plan to incorporate other mindful ways of going about your days… do yourself the favour of cultivating a lifestyle that makes room for nutrition of the body AND the soul.

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