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Living in Balance (Pt. 4 of 5)

“You cannot draw love into your consciousness through hate. You cannot draw peace from confusion. You cannot see beauty through ugliness, nor hear harmony while your ears are filled with discord.”

~ Ernest Holmes (This Thing Called You)

Have you ever thought about what the word, “abracadabra” means? Did you know it is derived from an ancient Aramaic phrase meaning, “I will create as I speak”? Did you know that “amen” basically means the same thing (“it is so”, or “so be it”)? You know how we say, “and so it is”, at the end of our affirmative mind treatments? Again, pretty much the same thing…. Do you think there might be something to these ‘magical’ phrases and their endurance across cultures and times? There is. They actively confirm the invitation to, and focus on, that Good which we choose to experience in our lives. Consider this. There is a Law of Universal Harmony… and what does that mean? Well, I can explain it like this:

  • There is just Life.

  • Everything, everyone, every happening… IS this Life, in all Its infinite expression.

  • This is what WE are, and all that we experience is made up of this Life.

  • When we focus on this Principle of Existence, we experience Its perfect Reality… Its Abundance and Its Harmony.

In other words, what we put our attention to, expands in our experience.

So, when we focus on the Good we desire, (that which we know inside ourselves is possible - even if our circumstances don’t seem to agree with it right now), and when we act as detectives, determined to uncover this Good in every interaction and experience we encounter… “abracadabra” (“and so it is”)… our focus on our Good attracts more and more experiences in alignment with that Good.

I invite you to think about a feeling or experience that you want more of in your life. Make a note of it and remind yourself daily. Then devote time to detecting where you already have this experience available to you, and/or where you see it expressing in the world around you. As you track it, note how your experience of it grows. It’s magic!

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