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My Affairs in the Hands of Life

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

“My affairs are in the hands of Life that guides the planets in their course, and causes the Sun to shine.

Divine Understanding attends me on the Way, and I shall not be hindered in my work.

My affairs are controlled by Perfect Intelligence, and cannot be hindered from expression.

I know that all that I do is done from the One Motive: To express Life;

and Life will be expressed In and through me. I cannot hinder it.

I am controlled by Intelligence.”

~ Ernest Holmes

Labrador and Labradoodle

We believe all kinds of things! Some helpful thoughts are:

  • I am a good person

  • I live in a beautiful place

  • I love my family

But, we also believe in less helpful ideas like:

  • I’m not smart enough, good enough, strong enough

  • They don’t like me

  • If I don’t do the job, it won’t get done

I suggest we believe this instead:

“The One Life is working with me, through me, by me, and for me, to make me omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Why not believe this statement? We know the results of our old habitual thinking. What if we were to pour our efforts into a more affirmative way of believing? I want us to fix our minds on our faith.


Let us all believe in our own greatness of Spirit.

The importance of remembering step one of a Spiritual Mind Treatment is that it is emphasizes the Infinite Universe we are immersed in. We keep forgetting that there is “One Life, One Spirit”…. Not two … ONE! If there is just One, then it is Infinitely impossible not to be IN It, and OF It!!

So, all these thoughts of limitation and separation that we may have…. Man! That thinking is crazy and illogical!

The purpose of meditation is to train our minds to think and do what we ask them to do. People tell me they can’t meditate. What they are really saying is that they believe they can’t get their mind to do and think what they direct it to.

Try sitting for 10 minutes and counting 10 cycles of breath, over and over, for the duration. If you can’t do it without your mind wandering, that is ok. We build this muscle with practice, just like anything else.

As we strengthen our ability to guide our thoughts, we can then focus our minds on statements such as this: “There is greater good for me and I ought to have it.” And then, we begin to believe in our own greatness of Spirit. Let us fixate on this kind of thinking.

You know the level of your faith by your actions, and you will see the level of faith in others by their actions. Let me explain…

As we grow in confidence around what we know to be True, we no longer have the need to prove ourselves. Instead we simply know the Truth, and live it. I think about the people I admire (people like Louise Hay, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Edward Viljoen, to name a few). What I love about these people, is that they give so much to the community, FOR FREE! This is not because they are already rich, I don’t know here nor there about that. I do know, however, that they clearly understand that good ideas need to be shared freely. They understand you can’t limit Spirit. The more you give, the more you have to share.

I remember, years ago, I was learning from a psychic who taught us how to do readings of others. She expressed the importance of sharing everything that bubbled to the surface of our minds. We were not to withhold any information that came to us. She emphasized that the act of withholding stopped ‘the flow’. In other words, if we put any buffering or screening on what we saw or felt as we accessed our intuitive powers, we would deeply reduce the information streaming through.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Say I have a great inspirational thought. I do, as a matter of fact… I know that, “The Centre is ready to be on 100+ acres of natural land, developing a retreat and education centre, accessible to town.” This is the insight that is moving through me. My job is to trust that, and to move towards it… not to give in to thoughts of limitation that might arise when I think about ‘how’ and don’t yet have a precise answer.

It is important to watch my thoughts, as the first line of limitation may often come from myself, perhaps taking the form of something like, “Nah, that is a dumb idea because…”

BOOM… when I give time and space to that kind of thinking, ‘flow’ stops and I go back to the grind of a life that I am more used to.

Or, what if it isn’t me that thinks that? What if I resist that old, limiting thought temptation, and, instead, I tell a friend, a colleague, or … anyone? And what if, this time, it is their response that is something like,“100+ acres, isn’t that a bit over the top? Maybe you should tone it down; be more reasonable”?

REASONABLE!!!???? Does an Infinite (INFINITE!!!) Intelligence shrink Itself in any thought or endeavour? Does an All Powerful Presence think, “Ok, Dude, this time you are way out of league. That mountain is way too big.”


Step two of a Spiritual Mind Treatment is undertaken for the purpose of remembering the following:

If I am in and of The One Mind, then my mind is It’s Mind, thinking through me.

The ‘answer’ to any question we may have is already in the thought. This means that I wouldn’t have the thought unless the completion, the solution, wasn’t already available out there. Who am I (little ol’ me), to question the brilliant ideas moving through me? Really, am I going to put limits on the Infinite Good? Why would I do that? (Ohhhhh… habit!)

Let’s break these unhelpful habits we have today. Let’s turn over our life to that Still Small Voice within us that urges us forward towards our Good, saying, “Go this way!” I know that every time I do as my Inner Voice calls me to, my life is filled with miracles.

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