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Never Give Up On Principle

My teacher, Dr. Kenn Gordon, said repeatedly,

“Never give up on Principle, even for a special occasion.”

What is Principle?

In his book, How to Speak Science of Mind, Dennis Merritt Jones defines Principle as, “A fundamental Truth or Law. There is only One Infinite Reality, and Principle is the Intelligence of the Infinite Expression of Life in action. Principle is the creative process, where thoughts become things, and operates by means of each of us. We individualize this Principle every time we think and feel. With deepened understanding, we can actually choose positive changes in our lives.”

It is important to note: Principle is never bound by precedent (what happened before now). How COULD it be?! We are creating our tomorrows in every moment, through the beliefs, thoughts and words we entertain. The only Power that exists, is in the present moment. The past only recurs because we are fixated on a particular story about the way things are, and are determined to prove ourselves right about it. We may hold on fast to keep ‘safe’, because looking at a situation differently can be unnerving. We may be extremely uncomfortable with the status quo, but at least it is familiar and we know our way around.

What if we let go of our ‘stories’; our familiar terrain?

I am reading a fabulous book called, How Emotions are Made; the Secret Life of the Brain, by Lisa Feldman Barrett. In it, Feldman Barrett asserts, “You are an architect of your experience. It is your responsibility to learn concepts that steer you away from harmful actions, AND… Your actions shape other people’s concepts and behaviours.”

We live in a social reality. We are all brain-wired together.

Imagine: That ‘special occasion’ rolls around. A group of your friends or family head down the rabbit hole of how bad life is. OH, we have so many chapters of this story…

  • the weather

  • neighbours

  • relatives

  • economy

  • politics

  • social media…

BUT the buck stops with your practice. You create generous boundaries and declare, “NO! This is not the way it has to be. BELIEVING IS SEEING and I choose to believe differently.”… (And when you do… life around you changes… or it appears to change because your perception has changed).

Funny how, when we look for ‘bad’… we find it. It is equally true that when we look for ‘good’ … we find it. Choose to look for good… as it is already here, and the Universe is always conspiring on our behalf.

The choice we make to stop the journey down the rabbit hole affects the lives of others. It is the seed that plants a new idea. It is the bud on the branch.

Life is always changing, so get use to that. “Change is not optional but suffering is”. We suffer when we resist the change that is wanting to happen through us. We resist because we think, “it isn’t suppose to be this way”, and the unknown is frightening. We know how to live in fear and doubt. We don’t necessarily know how to live from Infinite Good… yet.

What if something bigger is trying to move through you? It must be, because we are all points of Inspiration, wanting to expand.

This is what I know for certain: When we open to ‘the bigger idea’, no matter how scary, we allow the highest vibration of energy to move through us. It feels unsteady and even at times explosive, but it is for us. And, this radical surge can’t help but affect those around us in expansive, positive ways, too. Not only do we shift into a bigger idea, but we open the gates for others around us to shift also.

To resist this natural expansion is to stay contracted where nothing changes… not for the self or for any other person. Like a stagnant pond, when nothing changes, it gets less hospitable over time. Let’s shake and move into a new paradigm… together!

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