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Reality or ‘reality’?

“We as individuals are centers of consciousness in a Power infinitely greater than we are…”

~ Ernest Holmes (Living The Science of Mind)

What I notice, time and time again, is the degree of calm and life fulfillment that appears to exist in people I meet who are grounded in strong faith. As I travel along my own personal spiritual journey this appears to be the same for me.

Our world, our lives, are full of stories; tall tales we make up about … everything! Everyone is doing it, and everyone thinks their view is ‘right’. In the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the authors have this to say,

“Most people believe that there is a way the world should be and a way the world shouldn’t be. In fact, we would assert that this is the most common belief among human beings. Of course there are great differences between the way people hold that belief (for example, Republicans versus Democrats), but they all hold their beliefs as right.”

They are just ‘beliefs’… all of the stories. (The challenge is to hold a space where they all can be ‘right’. But I am getting off topic). I want to talk about the root of this misleading idea: ‘I am right and you are wrong and I am going to prove it.’

When I teach spiritual basics, I explain the ideals of an Absolute Infinite Universe versus the world of our experiences. Both are ‘real’, both are happening all the time, but the world of our experiences exists within The Infinite. (Following this line of logic it is impossible to state this fact otherwise. To do so would contradict the concept of Infinity. But ok… this might be another conversation for another time).

“Capital R” Reality, as I refer to It, has everything to do with the Absolute Presence of Life. It is affirmative, expansive, creative and It expresses the attributes of Beauty, Peace, Power, Love, Light, Joy, and Life… in and through everything. We are either having an experience of these attributes, or the impression of their absence.

If I am in the forest at midnight on a cloudy day, I am experiencing the absence of Light. But, when I turn on my headlamp, Light transforms the darkness. It never happens in reverse, because darkness in and of itself is not a thing, it is only an impression of the absence of Light. Light is “Capital R” Reality.

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives are “small r” reality. They are true enough as they seem, but they are only held together by our collective or individual belief in them. We see this in everything. The south end of the city of Campbell River ends just north of York Rd. for instance, because we all agree to agree on this boundary. Oh sure, we could argue and say it shouldn’t be so, but we have all agreed to hold municipal law as something we abide by, to maintain order. Again, this is merely a story we have agreed upon. More personally, perhaps someone shares that they are ‘SO angry’… they may mean “Capital R” Reality angry… but, well, that is just a story too. A feeling comes and goes… it is not an attribute of the Infinite Energy of Life.

You may be wondering… “ahhhh, this is confusing, why bother”? Understanding this philosophy is is a core building block of a strong faith. When I am overwhelmed with the conditions of my life in any way, I have an understanding of the Absolute Universe that carries me through.

In The 15 Commitments, the authors have written about it in this way: “What if the Universe is actually for us? What if, as Einstein wondered, the world is beyond benign to the point of actually being benevolent?”

The Universe is for me! I can have a tendency to wrap myself so completely in the stories around me that I forget this Spiritual Principle, and when I forget, my emotions can run amok, leaving me feeling increasing fear, sadness and anger. It is at this point that I stop in my tracks and reach out to a friend who can help me remember what is R”eally going on. Then, I step into a ‘bigger idea’. I work diligently at holding my mind on the Absolute Truth and not letting my stories overpower me.

This is what is meant by ‘practicing faith’.

Today I met with my life coach. We did an exercise that helped me to let go of the story, “I have to work hard.” I was able to let go within the deepest part of me, and embrace a spiritual Truth. Do I need to show up in the world for Life to happen through me? Yes! Is it hard work? No! Life is using me, and Life is for me.

The Universe is creatively expanding in all Its attributes all the time, and so I must be It, in all those same ways. I don’t need to make this happen, it just does. Life uses me in all the best ways, and I am so grateful.

~ Where do you find the attributes of the One Infinite Life Force showing up in your life? Be a detective this week and see how many times you notice.

~ Make a list and emphasize it with gratitude.

~ If you’d like to share, we’d love to hear what you discovered! You can contact us via: (admin@the

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