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Returns of the Universe

“Infinite Mind can return to us only what we think into it”

~ Ernest Holmes

My thumbs ache. I have learned, relative to Chinese medicine, that thumbs are on the lung meridian.

“What does that mean?”. I ask my Practitioner.

It means I have to stop gripping life. I need to learn to surrender even more. LET GO!

Metaphysical thought leader, Ernest Holmes, wrote,“Life desires to give us heaven on earth today.”

But what does that mean?

I took these ideas into my morning meditation. There is a lovely practice that we use to assist us in changing perspective, which I decided to incorporate. I raised my hands to the sky, arms wide open, and I firmly declared, “The Universe doesn’t grip.” Taking this idea deeper, I tried to imagine a ‘gripping’ Universe….

Here’s where my imagination went: Seeds drop to the forest floor, and, instead of the easy flow of Nature (the cycle of sprouting - growing - blossoming - producing…), I imagined what it might look or feel like if Mother Earth ‘gripped’… She doesn’t. Instead, the seed drops to the forest floor and there is a release.

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of being in a forest. Allow yourself a sigh. Ahhh… Growth and decay and regeneration… Life in the forest just IS. There is harmony and ease. There is no ‘gripping’!

If the Universe doesn’t grip, then my gripping is a useless habit, because I am part of the Universe. Gripping is working against the natural flow of Life Itself.

What makes me think, if the Universal Energy that creates mountains, planets, solar systems and beyond doesn’t need to grip and control Its creations, that somehow I need to control and grip in my life and creations? The thought is utterly ridiculous when I bring this idea to the light of Divine Truth.

Instead, I choose to imagine the feeling of the whole Universe in all Its making. I close my eyes and I imagine what it might feel like to create, observe, reflect, celebrate… to simply allow Life to unfold as it knows how to do, without my interference. Perhaps you’d like to try? Close your eyes for a minute and imagine… Sit yourself in a forest, by a river, on a mountain top, perhaps by an ocean or a lake. Can you feel the Grace of Creation? Yes, of course. It all seems so effortless. This is the IS-ness of Life!

Great, but now that the connection has been made, you might be wondering how to bring this realization into action… to bring this sensation and this feeling to the life you are engaged in on a daily basis. My advice is to start by paying attention to all the things you attach strong desires and plans to. Then, once you have allowed yourself to have those thoughts, instead of gripping, try letting go and letting Life flow. Just like you are able to recognize in Nature, you will begin to experience effortlessness. WOW… what an easier way to be!

One of our Centre’s members, Tutteli, has agreed to let me share her story of letting go even when what is happening seems to be running counter to what your original vision may have been:

Tutteli had bought a property with a church building on it, that she was going to renovate into a vet clinic. Frustratingly, when she went to get started, city officials said the bylaws in the area wouldn’t permit the plans to go through. Eventually, since it seemed impossible to do what she wanted, Tutteli decided to sell the land. It didn’t sell. So, Tutteli pulled down the building… and it still didn’t sell.

Meanwhile, refusing to be deterred by apparent obstacles, Tutteli continued to poke about and inquire into possibilities with the City. Then… finally…after about 3 years, some staff turnovers, and a lot of patience and release… Tutteli finally got a “YES” to a bylaw adaptation that gave her permission to open a veterinary clinic on her land! And, as it turned out, instead of what, in hindsight, would have been a somewhat mediocre clinic in a renovated church, Tutteli was able to open a much better, more workable office than she had originally envisioned.

You can guess the moral of this story…. Let go and stay alert to the signs of Good, however they may come. Every “obstacle” is actually an opportunity to pivot, start fresh and/or learn something new. All things work out in time… in mysterious and graceful ways.

I invite you to look at your own life, now. Think of a perceived limitation you have. What is it?

Zoom out from your narrow view of that limitation, and ask yourself if the Infinite Universe which evolves through you, as you, has the same limitation.

So, if there isn’t ________________ (note your word for the limitation) in an Infinite Universe of possibilities….

Then, what is the Truth? _____________ (state your words of Truth)

Now, raise your arms and declare the following, in full belief:

“With firm determination, I face the One Life and know

… there is no _______________!! (State your word for the limitation)

"INSTEAD, I declare that there is __________________ (state your word of Truth), and I provide a receptive avenue for It, as It passes out through me into the outer expression of all my experiences!”

Further expand on these statements by adding the following:

“I no longer allow the world’s opinion outside of me to control my thinking. All the power of the Universe is within me. I choose to see only what I wish to experience, and I look at nothing else. I am grateful Life is FOR me!!”

“Infinite Mind returns to me what I think into It. The Universe is inexhaustible, limitless, knows no bounds and has no confines.” ~ Ernest Homes

If you want help with revealing your word of limitation, and uncovering your word of Truth, drop me an email. I would love to coach you through it so that will see the power of owning the Truth for yourself!

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