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Self-Development Library?

“Think of the whole world as your friend, but you must also be the friend of the whole world.”

~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Have you ever read a brilliant self-improvement book, said to yourself, “Yes, this is awesome and makes so much sense,” and then never actually implemented the ideas in depth? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

I am grateful for my work. It requires me to find useful information that serves my vision in helping people live happier lives, learn, and practice it in depth, then educate and coach others to apply the material for themselves. A win/win I’d say. We all get to move along the path to more joy, wellness, self-expression and empowerment together.

A workshop I offer called “Find Your WHY”, is based on the works of Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, and Anne Dranitsaris. This last time through the curriculum, in the last 10 minutes of the last class, participants asked, “Well, now that we have our WHY statement, HOW do we implement it?” Great question. So went home, dug out “Find Your WHY” and re-read chapter 6, “State Your HOWs”.

“Ok,” you ask, “What has this got to do with me?”


In “Find Your Why” they say,

“We’ve met plenty of people over the years who, despite high salaries and the luxurious lifestyles that money can buy, aren’t truly fulfilled and feel that there’s something missing in their lives. Ironically, people whose WHY is in service to others, rather than for themselves, are the ones who ultimately best serve themselves, because in the end they experience the deepest fulfillment.”

I want you to experience fulfillment and I have successfully gone deep with finding my WHY and getting clear on my HOWs so I can show you the way.

No matter what the work is; personality assessment, mindfulness tools, exercise, a stretching regime… yes, it takes time to learn about ourselves and next comes the hard part. We have to lean in and act on the information we have acquired, bringing the knowledge to life and then… share with others. Share with others! I always tell participants there will be no lone rangers. It doesn’t work!

In “The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control” Katherine Morgan Schafler says,

“Anyone who grows up in isolation or who lives in isolation as an adult is going to encounter patterned distress—depression, excess anxiety, maladaptive perfectionism, addiction, you name it. Human beings are not meant to be isolated; we’re meant to connect.

Connection is the source of all growth and healing. Connection is a need. In the absence of healthy connections, we become dysfunctional.”

Taking a body of work and actually using it can’t be done in isolation. We need others, friends, for reflection and feedback. So many people, not just books, have been my biggest asset supporting me as I get really clear about who I am, helping me find my personal fulfilment, loving me when I can’t love myself.

I am a leader by nature, a pioneer with a desire to share information and time together creating a unified experience. I am an early adopter, will try anything new, and love outdoor adventures with others who love to go off the beaten path. I suck at having a sense of direction so am great with a GPS, or else I partner with a talented companion to prevent from getting lost in the woods. I am not afraid to ask questions and be the fool. There is always so much more to learn. I was born with minimal memory (my sister got my share) so I make lists and ask friends to help me remember…

Knowing all of this I continue to take on challenges to deepen in uncovering my true nature, loving myself and trusting my heart. I believe this is the only way to live a fulfilling life and I am determined each day is worth it. I want this for you so badly I am willing to do what it takes to show you the way and create a supportive space as you lean into your journey.

Please, don’t just read the book. Gather in friends and family and have the harder talks about things that matter. Expose your heart, be vulnerable and love others the way they are as you learn to love yourself the way you are. There is nothing better than what is, just as it is; you, me, us… our life.

Who are you really?

What do you love?

Drop me a line and tell me what makes your heart sing.

And hey, join some group that is doing the deeper work together. You will be glad you did. Your life is worth it.

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