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Shredding Life

Updated: Jun 15

"Let it be good" Azaria Glaim @az_fitness

Have you ever had a brief encounter that resonated with your soul? That's exactly what happened to me when I met Cody and Nicole. They are a couple whose positivity, resilience, and zest for life shone through for me. As we sat together on a 737 jet, they shared stories of their triumphs and challenges, revealing the incredible strength and wisdom they had gained along the way. Little did I know at the start, that this chance connection would leave me so inspired by the valuable lessons they had learned about embracing vulnerability, persevering through adversity and shredding through limits to create the life of their dreams.

Last year, while the duo were steeped in wedding plans, their Chihuahua pup became violently ill. They rushed their beloved pet to the vet and were given a cancer diagnosis. They were desperate to save him, so a neurologist recommended an MRI. The cost shocked them. Sure, medical procedures are expensive, but $7000? However, the couple were unwavering in their decision to do whatever it took. Deciding this journey was their responsibility to go on, they let their vet know that no cost was too great.

After the operation, all was still not well. Things continued to be touch and go for the pup, as he was bleeding faster than his heart could pump blood. So, the young couple again rushed to a clinic where their dog could be kept in incubation for warmth, oxygen and blood transfusions. Life was even more intense for Cody and Nicole now, as they added in a daily commute to the clinic for visits. But those visits were important, as they enabled them to envelop their precious pal in love.

Four days after the incubation, the vet called. with the before-and-after bloodwork....“It’s time to take your pup home." He said. "You can see that following each of your visits, your little guy’s health made a grand leap in improvement. Looking at the past data compared to now, one wouldn’t know he is the same dog.”

“Hey, it’s not like we are rich,” Cody said to me. “We had some money in savings, so we used that. Our dogs may be in our life for only a short time, but we are their whole lives, and we owe them the best. Besides, money comes and goes. I can always make more money, but I will never be able to get back the time I spend with my furry friends.”

Instagram: @codydrobot

Both Cody and Nicole smiled and laughed as we exchanged tales. I couldn’t help but to notice their optimism.  They had travelled from Edmonton to Toronto for Cody’s bodybuilding competition. (Ya, they both are ripped!) I loved learning about their dedication to the sport and the excitement they shared in life together as a married couple.

Although Cody placed 6th and didn’t make the podium, I couldn’t help but feel they were winning at a far more challenging game... Life. Their uplifting energy and friendly demeanour was an incredible treat to encounter. Each tale they told had an element of high stress, yes, some were rewarding journeys, others filled with challenges... but nothing seemed to defeat them. So, I had to ask what was behind their passion.

It turns out that Nicole had previously been in an abusive relationship, but through attending women's empowerment retreats, she had learned to step into her full power. By facing her fears and walking through obstacles, she had developed the wisdom that comes from facing one's vulnerability. Nicole revealed to me her belief that, “I speak my affirmative thoughts, and trust the Universe will be my guide and strength.”

Cody’s childhood trauma was what had catapulted him onto his body building path. He had learned that his reactions determined his future experiences ,and that he is the controller of his thoughts. He learned how to lose, and, in doing so, he is determined to

never let events alone define him. If he said it once, he said it twice, “Ego is not your amigo.”

Everything Cody and Nicole do, they do together. They encourage and support each other along the way, led by their mantra, “Let it be good.” Both also share gratitude for their parents who raised them alone, instilling the values of hard work and perseverance and reminding them that a better life is always possible through unwavering effort.

As our plane approached our destination, I found myself inspired by Cody and Nicole’s approach to life. Whether through bodybuilding competitions, battling childhood trauma or situations like the frightful journey to save their pup, their positivity and determination shone bright. They refused to be defined by struggles or setbacks.

Cody highlighted that their secret is not rooted in special talents or privilege, but rather in a resilience that that has been built through steadfast perseverance, vulnerability and choosing an empowered outlook. I recall him saying, “The principles are very easy, however it’s the relentless effort and consistency... day in and day out... over and over again, that gets people where they want to go. How long can you consistently repeat the same thing, over and over, to reach your goal?”

Watching as Cody and Nicole departed after our encounter, I knew I had experienced something special in two individuals who consciously choose to shred through whatever might appear to be a limit, in order to purposefully create the life they crave. At the end, Nicole turned to me and said,

“I am obsessed with outgrowing the old me while having fun with it.”



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