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The Unapologetic Authentic Self

Updated: May 28

“Who you are is terrific. You are here to become yourself as fully as you can. Always weigh the cost and consequences of your choices as they affect others, but you are here to live your journey, not someone else's and certainly not mine. I am living my journey, so you don’t have to worry about me.” (James Hollis, PhD)

“You have within you a powerful source – call it your instinct, your intuition, your gut wisdom – which will always tell you what is right for you. Serve that, respect that. Be generous to yourself and others, but always live what is right for you. Life is really rather simple: if you do what is right for you, it is right for you and others. If you do what is wrong for you, it will be wrong for you and others. Know that we may not always agree on things, and that is fine, because we are different people, not clones. Always know that I will respect you and value you no matter your choices, and you will always find people who love you and care for you.” James Hollis, PHD

While I am walking with a friend, we marvel at the human tendency to discredit our strengths and amplify our weaknesses. How ridiculous and yet effortless!

To live a life of self-compassion, love and appreciation is the deep work. It means facing the stories we tell ourself, shining a light on them; deciding which we are choosing to embrace and which are ready for release.

Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind, said, “Find one thousand people in the world who know what Religious Science is and use it, and live it as it is…” Well, living the Science of Mind philosophy means understanding that our thoughts and feelings are the sources of our lived experience, and then choosing differently if we are not happy with those experiences.

When I say this, my husband asks, “So I have been thinking ‘cold’. Is that why I have the sniffles?” Not quite. It’s never that simple.

Many of you who have been around me for a while know that I have uncovered a deep belief that has been running under the surface of my awareness that says, “Who I am hurts people.” Well, I have just had a fresh revelation about that, with the help of a Practitioner. Underneath that old belief is an even deeper story of, “People hurt me!” The first layer is just the armour I wear to protect myself from being hurt.

WOW! I feel so free knowing that the source of what can feel like overwhelming heart-break is actually a very little girl version of me, from many years ago. She was so hurt by the people around her that she decided, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

But names DO hurt. I am realizing that I am actually so sensitive to the harsh judgement of others. 

The path to uncovering the connection of thoughts and feelings can be a path of many tears… well, for me it is.

Yup, it is not ‘easy’ work. So why journey down this road in the first place?

In order to learn what the best life is for me, I must find myself… . I must listen to my instincts, feel the wisdom of my gut, and hear my intuition. This is the journey of the soul. Each time I uncover another layer I have a greater sense of freedom. As I expand into self-awareness I feel safer.

My need for approval comes from within my own heart. So, I continue to grow my capacity toward celebrating my own attributes and focusing on my own genius.

Author and mindset leader, Gay Hendricks, teaches, “When you live in your genius, you dwell in that spacious zone. You are home wherever you are.”

OMG … HOME! Yes that is it.

I want to feel the safety and security of being home. I want this for you and I want this for me. But, I can’t do it for you. What I can do is show you how, and little by little, we will skip along this path of freedom and joy together in our own unique ways.


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