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The Way It Works - First Cause

“The study of Science of Mind is a study of First Cause… or that invisible Essence, that Ultimate Stuff and intelligence from which everything comes, the Power back of creation - The Thing Itself”

~ Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind

There is a Universal Energy, call it Infinite Mind, Spirit, Intelligence, call it what you will. It is the One Energy in back of everything; that which we can see, and that which we can’t. Let’s call this First Cause. Why? Because it is the Source of all life. This isn’t where life ‘begins’, because there is no beginning. Infinity has no beginning, nor any end.

We look up to the stars, and the farthest star that we see today, the light that we see today, is up to 12.9 billion years old! Yet, even that huge distance in time is not Infinite. This is mind boggling. Something else that is mind boggling is this: We don’t actually really know anything. We only see the effects of Principles we put into action.

Honestly, there isn’t a person alive (nor one that has been alive), that can fully describe what it is to be “Infinite”. It’s like asking a fish to describe water when it is swimming in it and that is all it has ever known. But, what we can do is to explore how Life works.

It is acknowledged that whatever we believe to be true, will be true for us. We can only see and understand that which we are able to perceive ourselves. So, the only real limiting factor in our lives is our own perception. It follows, then, that the only real freeing factor in our lives is our own perception, too. We may argue with those who believe differently from us, but to do this doesn’t even make sense, since each person’s ‘reality’ is as real to them as mine is to me.

The Infinite Power is great. And we are free to use this power; to direct it in order to manifest the life we desire, and the experiences we wish to have. The misuse of this Power is what brings about the conditions in life from which we suffer. We are restricted in our lives, limited in our experiences, when we choose not to acknowledge our own connection to Infinite Power because we are, first and foremost, free to use the principles and rules of the Universe any way we choose. Therefore, we must learn how to use them to consciously create our best life, or we may be unconsciously creating the opposite.

I am certain you have likely heard the statement, “It is done unto you as you believe.” To examine our thinking and our beliefs is the clearest path to setting ourselves free. This is the work we do at The Centre. The more we learn about our True nature, the grander our experience of Life will be. This concept is one that has been demonstrated in many movies you may be familiar with.

Take, for example, The Matrix, in which the character named Neo wants freedom and, once he realizes it is a state of mind, he then transforms and transcends his previous experience of bondage.

Or, how about, The Truman Show? Once Truman realizes he is going through the motions of a life, but, rather than being free in that life, that he is being manipulated, controlled and trapped, he wants out. He wants autonomy and choice.

I know many of us are familiar with a feeling of having been trapped at some point in our lives. Perhaps we still feel trapped in some way. What we need is a new idea. We have to hold our minds to a different reality. Our beliefs set the limits to our experiences. So, the question is … How much good are you willing to receive?

We govern the channels of our experience. Good doesn’t come to us, it is experienced through us. I think of it like making a cake. I can look at the flour, sugar, milk, and egg all I want, but nothing is going to happen. I will not have cake unless I put the principles of baking into action. It is through my exercise of mixing the ingredients together, in the right combination, and then following through with the recipe for what to do next, that I get cake.

I can learn how to cook, practice it, and become better at it.

So too, I can learn how to live, practice it, and become better at it.

This is a simple mechanical process. Metaphysics leader, Ernest Holmes, wrote about it this way:

“We are thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centres of Life. We are surrounded by It, immersed in It, and there is something flowing through us; a creative Something. The sum total of all our thought and belief creates a tendency in this Law of Life that causes It to react to us. Ignorance of the way this works saves no one from Its effects.”

We actually don’t will things into existence. It isn’t like, “abracadabra!” and poof! It’s more like multiple streams of reality exist at all times, and we step into the stream that is in alignment with our beliefs. The more good we believe in and spend time fostering, the more we attune to that stream. And (to use another metaphor) like it is with a radio station, when I don’t like what I hear (or am experiencing), I am able to change the station. All the stations are available, all the time, and I get to choose which to tune to. So do you.

This is the way It works, for everyone, equally. There is a First Cause of Life and it is infinite in Its existence, its ability, and its Good, without limits. There isn’t “good and bad”, it is only our beliefs that make it seem so. Let’s leave the apparent ‘dark side’ behind. ‘As high as we shall make our mark in our mind, so high will be the outward manifestation in our life.’ GO TEAM!

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