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The Way of the Universe

(AKA: The Will of Spirit)

"Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes, I get up in my head around what needs to be done in order to achieve the results I intend. I make a plan, set down the parameters and march boldly onward. Society has ‘got it all figured out’, and has taught me that if I follow a few basic rules of life, I will meet with success. I did this for many years; worked hard at being a ‘good girl’ and winning the approval of others, only to find myself, in my mid-thirties, screaming to get out of the inner pain and suffering I was experiencing. No matter how hard I tried to get the formula right, I seemed to fail miserably.

When I discovered the Science of Mind philosophy, my life did a full 360˚ flip. Unimaginable ideals were shared and a new way to live was carved out for me to practice. I painfully learned that I could release controlling the environment around me and instead turned my control inward, towards my thoughts.

Metaphysical leader, Ernest Holmes, wrote:

“As the Universe’s thought makes worlds, and peoples them with living things, so our thought makes our world, and peoples it with our experiences… We have thought that outside things controlled us, when all the time we have had that within which could have changed everything and given us freedom from bondage.”

I began the work of thinking about new ways of being in relation to others; recognizing that if I saw fault in the world around me, it had to exist in me first. It was hard and slow, but the results were incredible. The relief I began experiencing, day to day, was brilliant (and it still is, I might add).

With all these tools, I learned that creation is non-linear. The organizing and the planning in the past was so much more limiting than trusting in Life… an Infinite Universe, filled with possibility. I understand now that as I walk forward in life and move into my desires, more is always revealing itself. Pathways I would never have imagined existing, constantly appear… as if by ‘magic’.

In his book, The Science of Mind, Holmes wrote, “In this invisible law of unfoldment, we must come to trust, and although we do not see the way… we must trust the Invisible, for it is the sole cause of that which is visible.”

I’ve been given permission to share a great story, demonstrating how this works:

Mary Lou has been talking about living in a little cabin in the woods, for years. She has spent hours riding her bike out to Miracle Beach Campground dreaming of living in the forest, stopping in spots and feeling what it would be like to be doing just that. She had no idea how she was going to achieve this dream, but she knew it just had to happen.

Through a series of unpredictable events, Mary Lou’s daughter discovered campsites available up near Roberts Lake. Instead of investing in a second home with a granny suite for Mary Lou, she and her husband decided to invest in this camping spot, and to give Mary Lou some money to secure a camping trailer. Everything began unfolding so fast! A trip to the location revealed it was the same lake where Mary Lou had gathered many fond memories working with youth, years earlier. A trailer showed up at the right price. Eric was able to pull it to the location. And the next day, Mary Lou said,“Oh Jill, I spent time up there today, levelling the ground for the shed. It was heavenly, quiet and peaceful…everything I imagined.”

Holmes’ wisdom is,“We do well to listen to this Inner Voice, for it tells us of a life wonderful in its scope; of a love beyond our fondest dreams; of a freedom which the soul craves.”

Life happens… if we let it. The more we release control and follow our inner compass, the greater the miracles. We are surrounded by a Force of Life waiting to express Its grandness… if we’ll just get out of the way.

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