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There is Good for Me!

"There is good for me and I ought to have it." Emma Curtis Hopkins

January I did a past year review to determine what had a marked increase in energy for me through-out the year. Two things came up for me; horseback riding and my solo retreat. What joy for me to find a Horse Retreat close to home: Equinisity Retreats in Kamloops. When you get this letter this is where I am, feeding my soul in the best way I know possible.

It’s never too late to do your own past year review. Take out your calendar and day by day have a look at the events, meetings, gatherings, meetups… that occurred.

Make 2 columns on a page. Put things that give you a positive upsurge of energy in one column and things that give you a negative down surge in the other column. Leave out all neutral experiences. Once you have compiled your data from a year calculate the top 10% in each column.

Make a note of the top 10% in the down surge of energy and make a commitment not to do those things this year. Post it somewhere to help you remember.

Make a note of the top 10% upsurge and plan out when you are going to do those things again this coming year. Build on what makes you happy… you are worth it!

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