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What Do You Want?

Close your eyes. Breathe in and let it go...

Breathe in again and drop down to your heart... exhale.

Do it again. (If you have trouble dropping your attention to your heart, put your hand on your chest). Breathe in. Breathe out… Notice where you are. Are you in your heart space? If not, drop down using your breath again… Maybe imagine a ladder leading from your head to your heart, and walk down that ladder, one step at at time.

If you are already in your heart space, that is good. Stay there. Look around. What is it like? Breathe…

Now, ask your heart what message it has for you today. What does it want you to know? When you get a message, write it down or put it on your computer or phone. (We will come back to this).

Within each and every one of us is a ‘Board of Directors"‘. The voices of this ‘Board’ are young, and easily influenced. This inner Board’s thoughts are born from the outside world and all its lies. (Yes, lies!) Our life is based on the influences of:

- our community

- our home life

- our friends

- politicians

- media

- news…

Like any Board, it can often be that one member wants us to go left while another wants to go right. Once in a while all the Board members agree… until one becomes afraid, and sabotages the whole plan. Sometimes no one is on the same page at all. These voices may seem exaggerated in meditation. That is only because meditation allows us to get quiet enough to notice what is going on all the time! And sometimes, we may feel we need a break from all the noise. Sometimes we just want the peace to feel free.

That is when it is time to access within us that which is often referred to as our “Still, Small Voice”. It can lift us out of every conflicted situation and circumstance. It is the voice of our heart. We recognize this voice as always encouraging and affirmative. It doesn’t get swayed by doubt or worry. This voice is always available to us, but It is often mostly drowned out by our Board of Directors.

When we are not connected with our hearts, our typical ideas come mostly from other people who are doing what we are doing… listening to their Board of Directors and making their decisions based on information gathered from the outside. This approach is often backed by the expression, “Use your head,” along with a total denial of heart wisdom.

But, here’s the thing… there is that within us which is far more insightful than this over-referenced Board of Directors crew, because it is rooted in the Infinite Intelligence that is in back behind ALL OF LIFE. This is that Inner Voice…. It is our oldest thought, our wisest thought… and it is not of this world.

Consider this story: Peter died and went to Heaven. There, he found himself at the pearly gates, where he met God.

“Hey God,” said Peter, “We have got it made in the shade down on Earth. We are so smart. We even know how to make a human.”

God said, “Oh ya, that is amazing… so cool. Show me.”

“Sure thing,” Peter replied, as he bent over, gathering dirt from the left and then the right…

But God stopped him short… “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute Peter… get your own dirt.” What is the point of this story? Well, there are a lot of amazing complexities about existence that humans have figured out. We have observed much, made conclusions about the nature of the Universe, and we have determined principles and laws and figured out how use them to our advantage. YET, we still don’t know how to make the Universe.

Master Metaphysician, Ernest Holmes wrote,

“We are so used to the thought that if we mix certain colours we get certain other colours, that we do not realize we are dealing with a Principle. We know that whoever blends these particular colours will get the same result, but we do not know why; THE WISEST MAN LIVING DOES NOT KNOW WHY!”

So here’s the thing, our Still, Small Voice, backed by an Unlimited Intelligence that is all powerful, is speaking to us and directing our lives. But… we often don’t listen to It, or recognize it, because it does not operate within the bounds and rules of the version of humanity that we are familiar with. It doesn’t woo us with flashy ads, nor employ impressive motivational tactics. It doesn’t argue etiquette, nor right and wrong. If we do pay attention to It at all, we often don’t trust It to keep us safe… because it may offer visions that are different from what we think we know.

In the past, there are those who have warned people not to come to our Centre because, the story goes, they mistrust that we will invite them to listen to their hearts and then actually follow Its lead. And that may mean they will wind up ‘doing life’ WAY differently… which can be damn frightening!

Yes, we teach the “I AM” principle: Presence… being in this moment… innate perfection. We talk about newness, expansion, and miracles to come when we listen to that Still Small Voice all the way. We learn to build trust and to step boldly forward into undefined territory.

The question is, what do you want? What do you really want? (Go beyond that which is fluffy and non-specific). Remember that Still Small Voice message from the beginning? That voice knows… it always knows. Ask It for clarity about your true heart’s desire. Any sadness we may feel often comes because we refuse to listen to our hearts. Lean in, be quiet and still, and listen.

Let me conclude with the words of another great Metaphysician, Emma Curtis Hopkins, who wrote:

“Listen to that highest idea within your realm of ideas… You know you are thirsty for something. If your friends love you, you are still thirsty. If you have money, you still are thirsty. If you have fame, you still are thirsty. If you are learned in books, you still are thirsty. You will always be thirsty for something ‘til you let your highest idea reign over you.”

Me, specifically, I am hungry for 100+ acres on which to build our Retreat Centre. I envision a place in (or very close to) Campbell River, that has access to the wilderness of our region… and to the water… and that is quiet. I want a large yurt, and a garden, and a school for children.

I see droves of people wanting to be a part of this Retreat Centre. I see it as encompassing everything I want and need right now, and I see it coming into being with ease and grace. This vision stirs determination and boldness in my heart. I know it is coming because I and the Universe are a majority!

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