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Committed to wellness and consciousness

Missy Christensen

Missy Christensen, RScP

Licensed Practitioner

During her theatre training, Missy realized she is called to growth through embodied learning; to play and its capacity for expanding experiences of ‘magic’. Her work with ceremony, end-of-life stewardship and her own near-death transformation further deepened her body-mind practice. Missy is also a coach, a professional organizer and the co-founder of Spirit Circles.

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Collette Ordano-Saunders, RScP

Licensed Practitioner

Collette’s passion is campaigning for bigger possibilities of Life so that people, animals and the Earth can experience and know freedom. Beyond her Practitioner work, Collette is a body worker, stream keeper, forest protector, sustainable lifestyle advocate and clean energy adopter. She's also an inspired artist; creating the Freedom Frequencies podcast as well as sacred interactive events.

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Collette Ordano-Saunders

Cory Bretz, RScP

Licensed Practitioner

Cory's mission is to experience a joyous, beautiful world by supporting, challenging, blessing, and leading by example the living from Magnificence. He's a non-judgemental listener and fierce ally in uncovering limiting beliefs and replacing them with powerful new ways of being. He gained experience with stuck emotions, affirmations, and visioning through men's circles, crisis intervention, and hospice.

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