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Creating Space

I had it pointed out to me that I have written and spoken about chaos for the last two weeks. Well, no kidding! We just sold our building… and what a ride!

Turned out, every part of our building transition went so smoothly! (A big thank you to all of you who participated - no matter how big or small the contribution. It all made such a huge difference in assuring a positive outcome!)

So, here we are in our new office space… saying, “NOW WHAT?”

There is a natural flow to the Universe and it doesn’t line up with structure in the way we think we know it. It is fluid and spacious, creative and expansive, filled with unexpected twists and turns. In this space, we get to design the life we desire. Transition makes that opportunity more obvious and available.

It can require some self care along the way, however. My brain hit FULL once the move had happened. I decided I needed a break from the usual spiritual literature and studying that is part of my weekly practice. So, looking around for new choices, I happened upon a book by Boyd Varty, called, Cathedral of the Wild: An African Journey Home. It’s a story of transformation that inspires a great appreciation for the beauty and order of the Natural World. With conviction, hope and humour, Varty’s writing makes a passionate claim for the power of the Wild to restore the human spirit.

This wise quote caught my attention, as I read: “What I learned from my father and uncle is that you don’t always have a clear road to your goal, in fact you hardly ever do. But that’s no reason not to start. Have the confidence that you will hack it out along the way.”

People have been asking us, “Where are you moving to?”

“I don’t know”, is the answer in this moment.

We are in a temporary office space in my house. It is perfect for now, and… it is temporary. I have such trust in the infinite wisdom of the Universe… all is unfolding exactly as it should.

I know that the infinite wisdom of the Universe got us to where we are today… starting from a time, 18 years ago, when the seed of an idea was planted on Quadra Island. I knew then that I had a dream… that I was ‘pioneering the way to joy through demonstration’. I allowed a lot of space for the idea of the Centre to percolate and grow into what it is today. And what I have learned is that, without allowing a breadth to our lives, we can get caught up in routines and automatic patterns of behaviour; forgetting to keep asking the questions that guide us…

… Why am I doing this?

… Is this what I really want?

… What DO I really want?

One of our great metaphysical teachers, Ernest Holmes, wrote: “Knowing that The Life can work for us only through us, let us begin to accept today more good than we experienced yesterday, and to know that we shall reap a harvest of fulfilled desires.”

The only way to do this is to get out of the way. If we are so busy, our lives so full with going through the motions of decisions made yesterday, we are not in the flow of what wants to unfold today. There is only one way to get to that place of authentic unfoldment, and that is to… allow spaciousness!

How do we invite this kind of opportunity? Meditation is a great way to start. (Do you meditate? Every day? If not… start. It’s the biggest gift you can give your life).

Seriously, in a world that promotes success through external achievement and quantifiable ‘accomplishment’, there can be so little room left for unique creativity and brilliance to flow. That is why I am a keen promoter of ‘unschooling’. This is an approach that favours setting children into a rich learning environment where they can become curious about life… where they have the space and opportunity to be in WONDER, and to allow their inner genius to bubble to the surface. In this way, individuals are free to discover their personal path through the world. Rigidity of structure dampens our spirits. As Ernest Holmes continued, in his contemplations around ‘accepting more good today’,“The time must come when we shall have left the apparent evil behind; when it shall be rolled up like a scroll and numbered with the things which were once thought to be.” What is this "evil" that Holmes alludes to? It is limitations and beliefs that are rooted in untruths. It is our patterns of behaviour and lifestyles that no longer serve us. We carry these ideas forward because they are familiar and familiar feels “safe”. But IS it?

There isn’t a right way to do life. There is simply, for you, YOUR way. To discover what this is, you must create enough spaciousness in your life to be able to hear your heart. The time has come to clear out your closets, empty your drawers… whatever is needed to enable yourself to sit… to be still… and to listen.

Have you been living life in the routine of familiarity? Is there something new brewing inside you?There is a whole Universe waiting and ready to support your new idea!!

Breathe into the silence of your soul and listen. Your desires are calling you…. TRUST… and let uncertainty lead the way.

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