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Goin’ On A Lion Hunt

“Faith is s great adventure .”  (Ernest Holmes, Metaphysician)

Are you familiar with the camp song that goes, “We’re goin’ on a Lion Hunt, but we’re not afraid”?  Characters in the song venture out on a journey. Along the way, they encounter many obstacles, such as tall grass, mud, rivers, trees ... yet they still continue on. “Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it, gotta go through it,” the lyrics encourage, as our heroes go off, meeting each challenge that comes up as they continue towards their destination.

How common is it that we set out on our journeys, only to find ourselves faced with obstacles? Often, the temptation to turn back towards ‘home base’, where we feel safe with the familiar, is strong. So, we never end up meeting our goals. Well, home base isn’t as safe as it appears.

The call to express ourselves and to “be” more in our lives, never ceases. When we push this call away, resisting our journeys, unexpressed energy builds up within us until… BOOM… perhaps some major life tragedy unfolds, forcing us to face challenges anyway. Do our challenges need be undesirable?

In his book, The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell writes about the hero's journey as a metaphor for the path of self-discovery and self-actualization that each person must undergo in their lifetime. He emphasizes the importance to individuals of heeding the "call to adventure", and embarking upon quests for personal growth. Campbell encourages us to become the heroes of our own life stories - blazing new trails, rather than following prescribed paths laid out by ‘society’ or others.

One common example of an outcome that illustrates what happens when we resist the “call to adventure” is what we might refer to as a ‘mid-life crisis’. Individuals work hard and sacrifice all their lives to achieve, and to ‘become’ this or that… in the name of ‘getting ahead’ in a way that is seen as successful in our society. But, many of those who seem to ‘have it all’ still find themselves, in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, feeling depressed and disappointed.

The nature of who we are is that of Infinite Potential; always in expansion, always moving forward. This ‘expansion’ is a calling from within… it is not about ‘having more’. It is beckoning us to a journey of going deep inside The Self… to listening to and following the Inner Voice.

We tell ourselves so many stories that wind up acting as ‘blinders’ to the opportunities that exist for us in life. These stories may show up in the form of self talk such as, “I don’t have enough money”, or, “The kids and family come first”, or, “What would _____ think?”.

It’s surprising to some people that siblings may develop different values, yet many do. For instance, one may decide to model ‘family values’, while the other concludes it is their duty to rebel. Neither is right or wrong. They are just different. We are all unique. How we proceed simply has to do with our individual stories, and our ‘blinders’.

Right now, a voice from within you is calling for a change. That change may seem absolutely terrifying, but it is necessary in your attainment of true fulfilment. If we feel the fear that comes with such a call and proceed anyway, we find ourselves in the flow of Life, supported in ways we never thought possible. But, for many of us, the sacrifices required can feel too vulnerable; too scary. Sure, some of those fears may be valid. Our age-old coping behaviours may have kept us relatively safe thus far, but at what cost?

(My favourite safety mechanism has been to reject others before they have a chance to reject me. In this way, I have believed, I might escape heartbreak. The ‘cost’ I have experienced has out-pictured as isolation and loneliness… but surely that is a small price to pay to avoid the threat of rejection… . Hmm…)

You might now be wondering, “What? Are you asking me to expose my greatest fears?” Perhaps your first response is, “No way!” I get it. I hear you. Baby steps.

We can be part of The Flow, or we can try to hide from It and resist It. The thing is, we can’t actually hide from It… that is impossible. Resisting our true natures can lead to breakdowns, among other things… with physical ailments being one of the most common manifestations of the energy blockages we create.

Here we are in Springtime. Just as Nature undergoes a transformation, we too are meant to transform. It is hard to deny the blossoming of All Life. Tulips, cherry blossoms and fresh green sprouts are everywhere ... bursting forth in an infinite array of colours and new growth. Life is expressing, everywhere.

I can’t help but to notice, in the lion hunting song, how the characters conclude that the only way forward is through the challenges they encounter. There is a lesson in that. If fear is blocking your way, look it straight in the eyes, stand in faith, and declare your Truth. This is your journey.  The only barriers on your path are the ones you create in your mind. Why not have fun and enjoy the adventure instead?

Life waits patiently to express through you. Nobody can do you better than you. So, pull out your map and plot the course for your next adventure. Have faith, and go through any tough-looking obstacles which may arise in front of you, one step at a time. You are guided by Love, inspired by Truth, and your future will be what you make it.

Your true nature is calling, and you are on your way anyway… . You can either resist or surrender.

As author, William Ernest Henley, wrote:

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”


Listen to more words of inspiration:

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