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Spontaneous Self Combustion

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

“Everything in the Universe is alive, awake, and aware with spontaneous self-combustion.”

~ Ernest Holmes (The Ernest Holmes Papers, George P. Bendall)

In grade five I couldn’t read. I was put in a class with ‘the slow learners’. But, I knew I wasn’t ‘slow’… I just couldn’t read. I don’t know when I started reading. What I do know is that I went to summer school and was enrolled in multiple speed reading courses. Eventually I could read, but never very fast.

Back then, I soared in grammar lessons (you may have noticed I need a refresher 😉). With the patient guidance of my English teacher, I learned to record my essays first into my tape recorder, and then to put them on paper. That method worked like magic, and I started achieving higher grades! So, I learned to write, but reading has always been a chore. In fact, it often lulls me to sleep.

Today I am a professional writer. I was Chief Editor of Synergy Magazine in Campbell River for 3 years, and I have now written a weekly newsletter for at least 20 years. I write because I have something to say. I write because thoughts flow through me. I am encouraged to write by your feedback. I want you to believe in yourself. I want you to soar… so I write. Who would guess I was such a ‘slow learner’? (I let that label cripple my forward momentum in the past. I needed a new idea in order to grow).

Our culture often puts a high emphasis on scholastic intelligence, but this is only one narrow category of mental ability. My granddaughter is much like I was. She too, struggles with reading. Yet, let her guide you through the woods on a hike and she will forage for food, find pitch to start a fire with, and build a waterproof structure for protection from the elements. Is she ‘slow’? I don’t think so.

Writer Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, uncovers numerous examples of how an outcome doesn’t match predictions that were built around misguided judgements. There is no ‘one way’ to measure someone’s brilliance. We each express Infinite Life in our own, perfect ways… but our societies can create systems that seem to force us into limited, easily measurable boxes.

I am tired of being a square peg squished into a round hole! I say let’s blow out these confines, and create authentic, creative lives by living from our True Natures! This is how we will change the world. This is how we will create global transformation. But, it takes courage and belief to follow that path.

My mother claimed I was 'the most difficult’ of her four children. I was so challenging, she bought a poster and put it up on my bedroom wall, stating the obvious. (See pic of monkeys).

My life coach claims my mother’s reaction to me was due to her being at odds with my spontaneous nature. My coach has also brought to my attention a principle that is common to many philosophical and scientific viewpoints…. It goes something like this: “There is a Universe that responds with mechanical regularity to the spontaneity of our thoughts.” ~ Ernest Holmes (The Ernest Holmes Papers, George P. Bendall)

HA! So maybe I am spiritually ‘gifted’!!!

Of course I am… and so are YOU 😊. Isn’t this my point? When are we going to get over our self-condemning habits? Just because the world around us may be throwing out false messages, that doesn’t mean we have to believe them!

What if we decided, right now, that there is a Power in the Universe that is greater than anything?… ANYTHING!! And, what if this Power is common to each and every person, and we can use It as It uses us? We are immersed in, and we are OF this Energy. When we believe that… well then, watch us each soar in our own wonderful and beautiful ways!

This Original Life is Infinite. It is good. It is filled with peace. It is of the essence of purity. It is the ultimate of intelligence. It is power. It is Law. It is Life. It is in us. In that inner sanctuary of our own nature, hidden perhaps from objective gaze, nestles the seed, perfection.” ~ Ernest Holmes

YES! We are each a seed of perfection, without even trying to be. We just are. I am on fire with this article, because I know it to be true.

I am driven to bring every person to this realization in their own life. The truth of this principle magnifies in power every time it is embraced by one of us. As more of us refuse to dwell on limitation and, instead, we rise up to declare our individuality… that path for others widens exponentially. What we focus on expands. Always.

So I say, let’s do it. Lets begin today (the first day of the rest of our lives). Turn inward, and follow your inner flame!


~ Make a list of at lease 5 deep desires you have put off, for one reason or another.

~ Pick one, and make a plan to ignite and kindle its flame.

~ Journal about your experience.

~ Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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