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The Shape of Our Life

“The sum total of all our thought, will, purpose, and belief, creates a tendency in this Law that causes It to react to us according to the sum total of that belief.

“Ignorance of the law excuses no one from its effects. If, then, certain specific ways of thought and belief have produced limitations, other beliefs will change them. We must learn to believe. The approach should be direct, and it should be specific.”

~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

MAKING A DIFFERENCE is a core value within the activities and aspirations of our Centre. Many bright people achieve many spectacular heights through-out their life and I know, it is possible to succeed in our highest aspirations and yet fail as human beings. So, what does it mean to succeed as a human being?

Often I converse with parents who struggle with the weight and challenge of raising children. They aspire to do the best, succeeding where their parents have failed. The literature on the subject is overwhelming and with each new generation there are multiple publications advocating new and improved methodology. I have read my fair share and even now, as a grandparent, I strive to keep up with the books my children are reading as they embark into the world of parenthood.

As a child I claimed that the best parent is the one who starts with this thought, “How can I best serve my children?” My parents were far from perfect but I will always remember their care and dedication to being the best parent they knew how. During my teen years, my mother had heard a radio interview claiming children will know they are loved if they receive at least 3 hugs per day. For weeks she was relentless, kissing our cheeks and hugging us. “Oh Mum, enough already!” Yes she cared, so did my father, and through all the crazy making and hard times… I knew it.

We are all part of a collective… humanity… and our extended family… nature and all its creatures. Each person whom we meet through-out every day, is our brother or sister, no matter where they are from, how they look, or what they believe. We are in this game of life together and it is of tremendous consequence the measure by which we interact. We are responsible for setting the stage of our experience. Life is an echo. What each of us gives, comes back tenfold. Our life is enveloped in our thoughts and beliefs. It is impossible to escape the Law of Reciprocity.

Please understand, this Law is not direct. If you do some grand gesture for me, it does not mean that I will return the favour. Instead, your generosity creates a bubble of belief that influences your life. You will be surrounded by kindness, it is inevitable. But if in your heart, you are giving from a place of manipulation, desiring to control the outcome, and force expansion, this subtle difference in energy will have the opposite effect because it comes from the belief of lack, force and control. But have no fear, ‘fake it until you make it’ remains one of the best beginner practices.

Today and always, I want so much for you, that you have the best of the best life. I want for you love, kindness, bounty and beauty. I desire that you feel free, alive and inspired to live with joy in your heart. I don’t know what that might mean for you specifically but I know that if I work diligently at living my best life it will set off a field of possibility infecting those around me.

When I was a young girl I was inspired by a movie whose main character was determined to bring a smile to the face of all whom’s path they crossed. They did this by nodding, smiling ear to ear and saying, “Hello”. That is it. I took this on as a practice and to this day I aspire to share a smile with everyone I see. I know it is transformational because I feel it in my soul. All of this might sound trite, but is it?

How are you making a difference today? What small or grand practice might you be willing to embrace and carry forward that you know is creating a field of good? The Law of Life works, don’t doubt that. You ARE in control of the thought bubbles surrounding you. Your determination to make a difference effects me and all your brothers and sisters. Oh sure, there are all kinds of rules within each community, culture, and country, that seem to get in the way of living our best life. But these rules hold no bar to the Law of Life. Collectively, if we choose goodness, kindness, love and joy we can tip the scale and change the trajectory of our planet. It is already happening. How do I know this? Because my life gets better and better every day!


~ Make a list of how you being you is making the world a better place.

~ Make a second list of new opportunities you are willing to embrace to expand your first list.

~ At the end of each day, journal 5 things you did that brightened the day of others.

~ At the end of each day, journal 5 things others did that brightened your day. What you focus on expands!

Know that you are already infected by my desire for goodness.

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