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Where Did Science of Mind Go?

"You find me one thousand people in the world who know what Religious Science is and use it, and live it as it is, and I’ll myself live to see a new world, a new heaven, and a new earth here.”

~ Ernest Holmes (Sermon by the Sea - August, 1959)

As the Spiritual Director of our Centre, I have felt compelled to revisit the roots of our philosophy and how we impart the rich, transformative teachings of Science of Mind to our community and beyond.

Author and leader, Ernest Holmes, whose insights have guided countless metaphysical students and teachers across generations, always favoured the idea of creating an educational institution over following a traditional church model. His vision was clear: to share Science of Mind as a philosophy and way of life, by focusing on personal transformation and healing through the application of spiritual laws.

The 1927 establishment of the Institute of Religious Science and Philosophy in Los Angeles was a testament to Holmes’ educational aspirations. It was a place for study and learning, where people could explore the principles of Religious Science and learn how to apply them in their daily lives.

The development of the church model that followed, in 1949, was a response to the desires of Holmes’ followers, who saw the legal and financial benefits of such a structure to their efforts in bringing the teachings to a wider audience.  

Throughout my 25-year journey as both a student and teacher, I've come to understand that our Centre's purpose extends beyond merely spiritual gatherings. I eventually grew tired of being blamed for people’s missed expectations, especially in a philosophy that teaches personal responsibility. Somewhere, it seemed to me, we were missing the mark. If I wanted to play a part in creating a world that works for everyone, I had to find another way.

Perhaps it's ‘traditionalist’ of me, but I believe we've misconstrued Science of Mind as “a church”… (an entity it was never ‘meant’ to be). At their heart, the principles of Science of Mind encourage a practice… a way of living. My aim is to create spaces where individuals can deeply engage with these principles and, therefore, experience life-changing insights and shifts that elevate them beyond their current limitations. Our Centre’s goal is transformation; enabling everyone to thrive.

I have observed that, all too often, life-altering tools and insights that are shared by for-profit organizations are simply placed out of reach for most people, financially. Since out Centre is a charity, we have the opportunity to offer the same empowering resources as are available from high-priced providers, but to make that profound personal growth accessible to a wider audience.

Of course, charities rely on donations to sustain their purpose and operations. My vision for our Centre is for us to transcend the financial and structural constraints of a church model, while focusing instead on our core mission… to gather in diverse settings (whether virtual or physical), to awaken, to learn, to practice and to embody the principles of conscious living. I believe this is the key to worldwide transformation.

Knowing that we are the creators of our own experiences changes everything. It means that even when we are faced with the most daunting of challenges, we always retain the power to choose our responses. This understanding then releases us from harbouring resentment towards others.

It is through the awakening of our powers of personal creation and choice that we can truly begin to heal and transform our world. 

We, at the Centre, are so grateful for your donations that enable us to sustain this mission.


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