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It's Real, But...

First Cause —> —> How It Works —> —> The Effect

We learn in our philosophy that there is a three part nature of Life:

  1. Infinite Universe / Infinite Possibility / Spirit (call it what you will)

  2. The mechanics of The Universe (how IT works)

  3. “Effects” (or the manifested world), known as “The Body of the Universe” in which ALL things ARE. Including…

  • people

  • events

  • animals

  • the earth

  • planets

  • nature

  • circumstances…

All of the things listed above are the outcome of an Infinite Universe ‘thinking’ about Itself, and, through a ‘mechanical’ process, taking form as an Infinite number of possibilities. We call this outcome in form, “Body”.

All life, as we see it, is unified in this BODY of The Infinite Universe. If we follow this line of thought (that The Universe is Infinite) then we cannot help but conclude that there is nothing outside of It. So, EVERYTHING is a manifestation IN ‘The Universe’, and a part OF IT.

Here’s the thing… “The Body” is always an “effect”, NEVER A CAUSE. What do I mean by this? The Body is the result of a conviction of thought (‘thoughts are things’). It is held in form by those who believe it in it; by their conviction of its truth. Even though Body is ‘real’, as metaphysician and teacher Ernest Holmes said, “It is real but is an effect, not an entity.”

Oh yes, our affairs, our life circumstances are ‘real’… as real as they appear to us. But, the affairs of our lives have no power in and of themselves. They do not represent the whole of Infinite Universal Intelligence (“Mind”). They are only one small aspect of IT. They are the result of that Mind ‘thinking’ through you and me. What the mind makes up, the mind can change. “Change your thinking, change your life”.

The Science of Mind is a teaching about thought. Our minds exist in the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe; never separated or apart. As we continue to get more and more clear about this Spiritual Truth, our “body” (our affairs), will be experienced as more healthy. The Universe is always in balance . If it wasn’t, it would have self-imploded millennia ago! So, balance is IT’s nature.

“Ahhh… BUT”, you say… “it doesn’t look to me like balance”. Do you have the perspective of The Infinite? Sure, if I zoom in on my computer while writing this article, I no longer see all of the individual letters. I begin to see only shades of light and colour… letters start falling apart and appearing only as pixels. But are the letters I could see when I was zoomed out fully represented by only one pixel? If I am looking at you on my screen while on a zoom call, are you really flat, as you appear to me on my screen? If I zoom in, is a single pixel YOU?

The Universe is always passing into “form”, and form is it is forever changing. Whatever that form may be, it is equal in every measure to any other form. An ant is equal to an elephant. All “bodies” are made out of the same ‘stuff’. You or I are no more or less “spiritual” than who or what we call “other”.

Yet, WE (from our individual pixel points of view) have lots of opinions about “right” and “wrong”. The Universe doesn’t make those kinds of distinctions. IT just creates ‘stuff’ within a framework of infinite possibility. (I like to imagine that, if IT had a personality like I am familiar with, IT might say, “COOOLLLL…” EVERY TIME a new ‘thing’ was formed!!! Whatever or whomever that thing might be).

Let’s consider for a moment what we know about “time” and “space”…. They are the measures we use to comprehend the experiences we have… but they are not things. They are the possibility of outline. And what if the Infinite Possibility of Life is like water? Whether I pour water into a cup, bowl, bottle or whatever the vessel may be that holds it… the water itself doesn’t change. Whatever the shape of the vessel that holds it… it is the same water… only its form or outline has changed.

“Effects”, “bodies”, “circumstances” don’t CAUSE things to be. For instance, I can’t MAKE you feel one way or another. You may experience a feeling when you are around me, but I don’t makeyou have it. What I say or do may awaken a feeling or story within you, but that has to have already been there. The Science of Mind philosophy states that “bodies” don’t make other “bodies”. ‘Shapes and forms’, however we experience them, all come from the same Infinite Potential; The Universal Mind, or what some call “Spirit”. And, ‘shapes and forms’ are held together by ‘thoughts’. Take the thought energy away, and the form disappears.

The idea of being limited by anybody or anything, when we live in Infinite Possibility ALL THE TIME, is an impossibility. It is illogical.

This is an important contemplation. The work we do at The Centre (the classes we teach, the workshops we hold, the groups we make available), are offered in order to uplift you in alignment with your own genius, your inner inspiration, your direct connection to The Power you are created from. Nobody can touch that Power within you, but we can help you to access IT more fully. The Power of Infinite Possibility is yours, and what is inspired to express through you is the call of Universal Intelligence as YOU…. It is The Universe thinking up ‘cool stuff’ THROUGH you. Awakening to this, is empowerment!

You are akin to Spirit within your own life; thinking, with conviction, the life your desire into form. If you are thinking about anything else besides the life you desire, then you are giving your power over to that other thing.

We at The Centre want you to flourish…. I want you to flourish… in all aspects of your life. Philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,“Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits.” I say, let your light shine!

Copyright (C) 2022 Centre For Inspired Living - Campbell River. All rights reserved.

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