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Thriving In Change, Meandering Thoughts

Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken”

~ Frank Herbert

At the ski resort, an excitement bubbles within me. As I embrace this sensation and dive into my thoughts, the reason for my body's state becomes clear: my love for snow. The current snowstorm only heightens this thrill.

Above this exhilaration is a sense of anticipation for the year 2024. This week, marking the start of the year has ushered in a period of stepping into new adventures. I feel unleashed and ready.

In 2023, I invested in coaching; critically examining the internal voices that had been deceiving me about my nature. It's astonishing how they had taken control of my life. But now, with the deception exposed, I recognize their falsehoods more readily. 

Author and Jungian analyst, James Hollis, PhD wrote: “The powers of the unconscious cannot be underestimated. Our ego consciousness - namely, who we think we are, or what we believe real - is at best a think wafer floating on an iridescent sea. In any moment, we view the world through a distorting lens and make choices based on what the lens allows us to see, not what lies outside its frame.”

Stepping outside what I know and into the foreign territory of possibility, I walk with a new bounce in my stride. My support network, my “fox hole”, is filled with the best kinds of people who have my back and know the best in me. When I'm feeling down, they remind me of the lies, and they point me toward heights waiting to be traversed.

As I am highly energetic and addicted to movement, containing my excitement is challenging. (I literally hopped over to the barista at the ski lodge to order a scone).

And why contain our joy?

More from James Hollis: “Can any of us really argue, despite the terrible powers of fate and the impact of others upon our lives, that we are not also the central character in our life drama and that we are making choices every day, whether consciously or not? Can any of us seriously argue that at the end of the journey we have not played some substantial role in the outcome of the journey? … In the end, are we not impelled to acknowledge the choice is ours, and life waits for us to show up and lay claim to what wishes to be expressed through us?”

Everything we unfold at our Centre is infused with a calling to awaken individuals and ignite their creativity and passion. Guided by the spirit of change, we maintain a tack, our sails full, the wind at our backs, propelled forward and launching into the next chapter. There isn’t a manual, but the voice of our hearts and souls is now clear and audible. Our higher selves beckon to us, inviting us to, “Go this way!” We have learned not to question, but instead to trust in a world where wellness, self-expression, and empowerment thrive and elevate all aspects of life.

I have to stop here. I can’t believe the bubbling in my body isn’t exploding. I just can’t sit and type any longer. I have to grab hold, move, play, celebrate and dance.

Keep an eye out for the fool, it’s me playing in the snow drifts, dancing in the wind.


Morning Reflection (10-15 minutes)

~ Mindful Moment: Begin each day with a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation. Focus on your breath, observe your thoughts without judgment, and set an intention for the day.

~ Journaling: Write down your thoughts about the upcoming day. Reflect on how you might embrace change and seek opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Consider the anticipation and excitement for new experiences (much like the author of this blog feels about the snowstorm and the new year).

 Throughout the Day

~ Observation and Note-taking: Keep a small notebook or digital notepad with you. Throughout the day, jot down any moments where you feel a change in your emotions, encounter something new, or have a creative idea. Note how you respond to these moments.

 Evening Creative Expression (20-30 minutes)

~ Reflect on the Day: Spend a few minutes reviewing your note-taking from the day. Reflect on the moments of change, excitement, and creativity.

~ Creative Activity: Engage in a creative activity that resonates with you – this could be drawing, writing a short story or poem, composing music, or even dancing. Let this activity be inspired by your day’s experiences and reflections.

~ Evening Journaling: Conclude with a brief journal session. Reflect on how the day’s experiences and the creative process made you feel. Did they bring new insights? Did you notice any change in your emotional state or thought patterns?

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