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Your Highest Ideal

"So much of what we consider to be real, true, and possible is a consequence of the story that embeds us." Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein says in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, ”The entire complex system of beliefs of our civilization is built upon a myth. To exit the confines of our stories of today we must operate from a larger context. We humans are meaning-making animals constantly seeking to make sense of the world.”

This is why we study the Science of Mind® and why any person dives deeply into a spiritual study … to find meaning. Unlike the world of facts and figures, there is a place that resides beyond. We are pulled by an inner draw to a vision of what is possible.

Ernest Holmes says, You find me one thousand people in the world who know what Religious Science is and use it, and live it as it is, and I'll myself live to see a new world, a new heaven, and a new earth here. There is a cosmic Power wrapped up in a cosmic Consciousness… There is a Law that backs up the vision, and the Law is unchangeable. There is a Power unrivalled beyond our needs, our little wants. Demonstrating a dime is good if one needs it, or healing oneself of a pain is certainly good if one has it, but beyond that, there is something beyond anything that you and I have touched.”

At the introductory level of our New Thought teaching we learn about the important use of affirmations. But it is our 5-step treatment, our super power, where we embed our affirmations that makes them even more dynamic. This is our number one tool where we pick up our practice and align our life with Truth: joy, beauty, abundance, peace, love, light, and power. 💥

Step-One of treatment is our highest ideal spoken, using words as our super power. Emma Curtis Hopkins says, “Make up you mind of what your highest ideal of the One Infinite Universe is and talk to it and tell it what you expect of such a character. Write down your highest ideal. Read it over. If you have undercut the truth of the true Spirit you must erase that part and make it right. Only the highest idea can come against the culmination of the series of errors in the algebra of human experience,” (human stories and myths).

What is this Truth? Ernest Holmes has many descriptors:

  • Invisible Essence

  • Ultimate Stuff and Intelligence from which everything comes

  • the Power back of creation

  • Universal Mind

  • the Over-Soul

  • Eternal Spirit

Everything is connected through timelessness and perfection. This is a Reality beyond story. This is Step One.

It amuses me how many descriptors we have for our troubles and how we tend lament at length to anyone who will listen. We are not so practiced at a speaking words of wisdom, describing the magic of the One Truth that upholds all life. Really, it is frickin’ amazing… but we don’t spend much time on this subject. What would happen if we did?

Step-Two of treatment invites the logical assumption following from the infinite nature of Step-One that we all live in this Spiritual Universe. There is nowhere else to be. Now that we understand there is just ONE THING, we further our understanding that every individual partakes in the nature of the Universal Wholeness, therefore we are It. We are immersed in the Infinite Wholeness always. And the Universe reacts to us according to our belief in It.

Do you see… this is where our work lies, Step-One and Two? Oh yes we can create great at affirmations but if we haven’t grasped a complete idea of Truth, what we believe to be true, our limited stories, will manifest.

Ernest Holmes goes so far to say, “Hence, it follows that if we believe that It will not work, It really works by appearing to “not work.” When we believe that It cannot and will not, then, according to the principle, It DOES NOT. But when It does not, It still does —only It does according to our belief that It will not.”

This is how the law of the universe works. The word of one person is no more powerful than the word of any other person. The power is in the word, not the person.

I want you to practice with me and start with Step-One. Change your story and immerse your mind, your thoughts, and your conversations to contemplation and recitation of the One Life, your highest ideal. Don’t stop at three or so words. Write a paragraph or two. Fill up a page. Exercise your mind muscle.

This is the larger context Eisenstein discusses. Beyond the world of events, things, and experiences there is something much greater, more profound. What is the largest ideal you can contemplate? What we know for sure is what we focus on expands, what we relate to we create?

Let us relate to the biggest ideal possible and beyond. Together this powerful work will change our lives and the world around us.

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